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What are the levels of computer research

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At present, there are four levels in the national computer grade examination


National computer grade examination (National Computer Rank Examination, abbreviation NCRE), Sponsored by the examination center of the Ministry of Education , Facing the society , A national computer proficiency examination system for examining candidates' computer application knowledge and skills .

NCRE At present, there are four levels

Class A : Operation skill level / Information literacy . Check the basic knowledge and operation ability of computer , Include Office Office software 、 Graphics software 、 Network security quality education .

second level : Programming / Office software advanced application level . The assessment includes computer language and basic programming ability , Ask the participants to master a computer language , Optional categories are high-level language programming classes 、 Database programming class, etc ; The second level also includes advanced application ability of office software , Participants are required to have computer application knowledge and Office Advanced application ability of office software , Be able to carry out specific application in the actual office environment .

Level three : Engineer preparation . The third level certificate examination is oriented to application 、 Professional skills for the job .

Level Four : Engineer level . Level 4 certificate is for candidates who already hold level 3 related certificates , Check the computer course , It's application oriented 、 Professional engineer certificate .

Applicants are not subject to age 、 occupation 、 Education and other restrictions , According to their own learning situation and actual ability to choose the corresponding level and subjects . Candidates can register online according to the process published by the provincial undertaking organization .

C standing (CSDN) Competency certification center

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