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Textual research on sophomore computer

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Is it necessary for college students of computer grade II
CET-2 is not a compulsory test for college students . The computer level 2 test is a test of computer application ability , It mainly tests students' application of computers and use of WORD,PPT,EXCEL The ability to wait for computer applications , Pass the computer level II exam , It means that students can work normally on the computer , This mainly provides more convenience for employment .
The difficulty of CET-2
The computer CET-2 is not very difficult , There are two types in CET-2 , The first question is a multiple-choice question 50 Avenue , Multiple choice questions are about computer theory , Students need to review and master all kinds of details and principles in the process of Internet development . The second question is the operation question , You only need to complete the corresponding operation objectives according to the operation process . relatively speaking , The first question is more difficult , It is also a point of loss for students , Because most students already need to use... In their daily life PPT Or is it WORD, So more familiar at the operational level , But I can't fully grasp the computer principle and various theories , This is the key and difficult point of CET-2 .
The significance of CET-2
Generally speaking , Major colleges and universities will not force students to take the computer level II exam , But when you get employed at work , The certificate is often required , So most college students will be in freshman or sophomore “ When is the exam , And get the second level computer certificate , In fact, for students , Exams in college are not all for graduation or achievement , More importantly, the ability to reflect . Whether to take the CET-2 or not will not have any impact on students' study in University , But in order to reflect the level of students' computer operation and operation ability , This kind of examination is also indispensable .

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