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Span tag of HTML

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span label It's an inline element , Not an exclusive line of labels .

Be similar to a label have access to href Property add link , and span Element cannot , therefore span There's no style .

that span What are elements used for ?

span Elements can be used to Processing information segments , Or rather, Yes In the same line By text “ Combine

Take a chestnut :

< div > Here is a div label </ div >
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here , We just want to be right This div In the tag “div” Add style to these three letters , Other text does not add style , At this time we can use span label .

< div > Here is a < span >div </ span > label </ div >
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This is the time We just need to use CSS The selector found this div Label under span label , Yes span The label can be styled separately . This will not destroy the current DIV The original style of the label .

div> span {
color: red;
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