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Computer ID card expired

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If you find that your ID card is about to expire , Please be sure to handle it at the local police station of the public security organ .

The relevant matters are as follows :

One 、 Handling conditions

( One ) You need to bring it when you renew your resident ID card at the expiration of the validity period :1. Original resident ID card ;2. Receipt of digital photo of Guangzhou resident ID card .

( Two ) If you lose your replacement ID card, you need to carry it :1. Residence booklet ;2. Receipt of digital photo of Guangzhou resident ID card .

It should be noted that :

1. For persons aged 16 and over ,2 When the city applies for a resident ID card at the card handling window again within the year , If there is no obvious change in appearance, the receipt of digital photo of Guangzhou resident ID card shall not be submitted ;

2. Candidates under the age of 16 should be accompanied by their guardians . The applicant and his guardian are not in the same household , The guardianship certificate shall be submitted ( Such as birth certificate ) And guardian's resident ID card or household register .

Two 、 Handling method

Need to apply for replacement 、 No need to make an appointment for the registered residence examinee who replaces the identity card. , You can go directly to the window to bid .

remarks : Meet the requirements for renewal 、 Conditions related to reissue of resident ID card , You can choose to make an appointment with the certificate processing center of any District Public Security Bureau ( Or a police station that can handle household administration business ) Deal with .

C standing (CSDN) Competency certification center

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