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AMESim 2020.1 no response after "run simulation", progress 0%

2022-01-27 02:06:30 CSDN Q & A

Use Simcenter Amesim 2020.1 Conduct 2d Mechanical simulation , To the last step simulation, After the parameters are set, there is no response at the point of operation , The progress bar has been 0%;
Log Content :
       _   ---JobManager---

Started local STDSIMManager. Entering wait loop.
A valid url to your localhost could not be found (we tried localhost, 127.0.X.X and your machine hostname). You can try to set by yourself a suitable url through the environment variable AMELOCALHOST.

Could not start local daemon manager: localhost.

No resource to perform the job. Check the availability of your remote hosts._

Copy the same simulation model to another computer Amesim Normal operation ,demo The same problem occurs in the example , The reason has not been found , For help .
What I want to achieve : I hope I can help you find the reason , The normal operation

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