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Comprehensive analysis of computer soft test certificate

2022-01-27 02:05:16 Research on Maomao 475

From the latest policy documents of provinces and cities , The computer soft test is 140 The only professional qualification that can pass the examination and obtain a senior professional title . Other vocational qualifications can only be obtained at the primary level after passing the examination / Intermediate title ( I.e. junior professional title 、 Intermediate titles are implemented “ Take the exam for the review ”, And senior titles still use “ The combination of evaluation ” The way ). Only computer software majors are in the primary level 、 intermediate 、 Senior professional titles are “ Take the exam for the review ” The way ( The policy is based on 《 Computer technology and software professional technical qualification ( level ) Provisional rules for examination 》 The Ministry of people's Republic of China issued 〔2003〕39 Article 5 of Document No 、 Article 10. 、 Article 11 )

This is the biggest advantage of computer soft test compared with other professional and technical qualifications .


In a nutshell , The functions of the soft test certificate include :

(1) Employ professional and technical positions : In public institutions and state-owned enterprises, they can be employed as professional and technical positions at corresponding levels ( Separation of evaluation and employment ).

(2) Big cities settled in : Beijing intermediate title or above can apply for work residence permit , Shanghai senior professional title household transfer is not limited by the number of years and can bring a spouse , Guangzhou intermediate title or above and is in urgent need of professional qualification 50 branch , nanjing 、 Tianjin intermediate title or above can be directly settled in the urban area .

(3) By virtue of senior professional titles, we have the opportunity to be selected into the local evaluation expert database and bid evaluation expert database .

(4) China and South Korea have 、 Japan has reached international mutual recognition ,《 Agreement on mutual recognition of information technology examination standards between China and Japan 》、《 Agreement on mutual recognition of information technology examination standards between China and South Korea 》. The soft test certificate will help to apply for a work visa to Japan and South Korea .

The computer soft test does not set the registration conditions , No academic qualifications are required , There are no restrictions on professional , There is no requirement for working years , There is no way to check the social security payment records , This is unique among the professional and technical qualification certificates . And in terms of difficulty , The computer soft test is relatively easy to pass , Some students majoring in computer science can pass the intermediate software in the naked exam , Senior information system project manager due to partial management direction , Even non computer majors are likely to pass , Someone with plenty of spare time like me , Learn to do real questions, and then find some free materials on the information management network. You can pass the exam , For busy office workers, you can also report to the training class of the pipe network , In this way, teachers systematically teach knowledge points 、 Give advice on problem solving skills , Can save a lot of things 、 Save your time and energy , After all, in the fast-paced it Industry efficiency comes first .

Taken together , The conditions for applying for the computer soft test are the lowest 、 It's not very difficult , The corresponding title is the highest , It can be said that it is worthy of all professional qualification certificates 【 The king of cost performance 】.

By analogy, another common Certificate in our unit —— Registered Electrical Engineer : It belongs to the survey and design registered engineer series under the Ministry of housing and urban rural development , Including registration structure 、 Registered geotechnical 、 Registered electrical, etc 10 Professional categories . This series of certificates are extremely difficult to test , The passing rate is very low , It is divided into public basic examination 、 Professional basic examination and professional examination .

(1) Public foundations : Involving advanced mathematics 、 General physics 、 General Chemistry 、 Theoretical mechanics 、 Mechanics of materials 、 fluid mechanics 、 Fundamentals of computer 、 Electrical and electronic technology 、 Engineering economy 、 Ten courses such as signal and information .  

(2) Professional basis : Involving circuits 、 electromagnetic field 、 Motor transformer 、 Analog Electronics 、 Digital electronic technology 、 Fundamentals of electrical engineering ( By motor 、 Composition of power supply and distribution ) Wait for six courses .  

(3) Professional examination : It is divided into two directions: power generation, transmission and transformation specialty and power supply and distribution specialty , Each includes professional knowledge and professional cases .  

Application conditions : There are clear requirements for the working years of relevant majors , The design institute needs to issue a work certificate , Check the social security records during the examination qualification examination , Social security records will also be checked during certificate registration .  

Because the examination content is very academic , Therefore, the students who take the test of this series are generally top students from famous schools . The most difficult one is the professional examination , Dozens of standard open book examinations , Those who have been to the examination site of injection electricity specialty will be impressed , Each candidate carries a large suitcase , There are dozens of specifications inside , The cost of buying these materials alone is 2000 Yuan of above , The final pass rate is less than 10%.

However, even the hell level test like power injection , In the end, it is only equivalent to “ Intermediate title ”! by comparison , This shows that the computer soft test “ Senior title ” How rare !

With the national social security network , Since the end of last year, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development has strictly investigated the certificate problem , The requirement must be unique , Cut off most of the way . This year, 3·15 The party also exposed a series of problems such as licensed pharmacists , Recently, Xinhua news agency and other media have issued high-density documents to expose and criticize the certificate market , It can be said that the wind is getting tighter and tighter . This year, all provinces and cities will publish the list of suspects in turn , Hundreds of thousands of illegal certificates in the field of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development have been cancelled ( Including first-class constructor, etc ), With the continuous increase of supervision means ( Besides checking social security , Also check the provident fund 、 Tax records 、 face scan ), Predictably, , In the future, the road of all professional and technical qualification certificates will be blocked . In this situation , Professional and technical qualification certificates will mainly return to the role of professional title certificates , The value and cost performance of computer soft test will be more prominent !

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