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2022-01-27 02:05:07 Research on Maomao 475

Alibaba cloud ACE Cloud computing authentication shares a process from zero foundation to certificate

I have never contacted Alibaba cloud before ACE, Also for Alibaba cloud ACE Little interest in certification . I just know that Alibaba cloud has occupied the domestic market 50% The public cloud market of . On the same day, some colleagues talked about , Alibaba cloud's market is pretty good , You can try to learn . And then , Log in to Alibaba cloud's official website to see the certification courses , Cloud computing is divided into ACA、ACP and ACE. The examination fees on the official website are 1200、1200 and 1920. Because I have obtained CCIE RS and RHCE certificate , It will definitely move towards the highest ACE Go to the exam .ACA The lowest level of the exam , Don't consider .ACE Is the ultimate goal , But you must finish the exam first ACP Before you can sign up ACE. Want to know this well , Textual research is nothing more than the best way . It is said that a treasure can buy many question banks and exam discounts . With a lucky heart, search on a treasure , Sure enough, there is a discount . So it took 1000 I paid $for ACP Exam coupons for Cloud Computing , Go to the official website to sign up 1 month 24 The test on . It takes almost a month from the examination to the registration . Let's share the learning process .

1. Look at the test content and outline on the official website , Probably know what knowledge points to cover .
2. Look at the test simulation questions , Direct Baidu search ACP Exam simulation questions 1 to 6 [ Copy ], share 6 A set of questions , Before watching the video, do 1-2 A set of questions , Probably know the question types and knowledge points of the exam . Later, you can see the video to know what will be the key content of the exam . Record the wrong questions of the simulation questions , Some answers are wrong , Need to go to the official website to verify .(6 There are many questions in the set that appear in the exam , Yes 2 The answer to the question is wrong , I didn't know I was wrong until I got the test , It's just that I didn't think seriously .
3. Watch this free video ,ACPER The video teacher on the website spoke quite well . I feel that the teacher speaks a little slowly , On Youku 1.5 Played at just the right speed . The teacher's lecture is still very clear , Focus on the wrong knowledge points of the previous simulation questions .ACPER The question bank on didn't buy , I hear it's good . I think I can rely on my own ability. I didn't buy the question bank after passing the exam .
4. After watching the video, go to Baidu to search ACP Exam simulation questions 1 to 6 [ Copy ] do 2 A set of questions , I feel I have made a lot of progress . And review the previous mistakes , Already understand .
5. The front is to watch the video, learn the theory and brush the questions , Have mastered the focus of the theory . Combined with experiments, the effect will be better . Charge on Alibaba cloud 100 Yuan to buy the cheapest ECS The server began to practice . Experiments have been done on the key contents involved in the outline . The experiment is not difficult , It is recommended that each operation do 2-3 All over , Because the exam may involve experimental steps .
6. After the experiment , Then go to Baidu search ACP Exam simulation questions 1 to 6 [ Copy ] do 2 A set of questions , Feel more and more correct . Record the wrong questions .
7. Complete a set of simulation questions and videos , I feel too lonely to fight alone , And I'm not sure whether the free simulation questions on Baidu are reliable . So I went to a treasure , Bought the question bank + video ( Very cheap ). I didn't watch the video included in it , Some of the questions in the question bank are very similar to the simulation questions done before , Some questions have not been done , Once you encounter a wrong question, record it in the wrong question set . After buying , The store promised to pull in ACP Cloud computing authentication group wechat group . A group of people can discuss topics and knowledge points together , We do receive a lot of goods . Later, I also discussed with the group to know that the answer to the simulation question of Baidu search in front is wrong , Be careful to distinguish .

8. Before the exam 2 God , Simulation question - video - Official documents - Simulation question - experiment - Official documents have passed 1 All over . The rest are free to look at the wrong questions , If there is something you don't understand, talk to your brothers in the group .
9.1 month 24 Number , On the day of the exam . Examination content 50%-60% The problem is a simulated problem .10%-20% It's a simulation question, similar to the question type , But not the original question .
10%-20% Left and right are untouched topics , This is a test of your understanding and basic ability . Finish the problem and calculate it yourself 20 The answer to the question is uncertain . After the exam, discuss with the brothers in the group , Yes 5 Wrong question . I thought I should be able to pass .
10. When the exam results come out 85 branch , Successfully obtained the certificate .11. Exam advice : Brush problem 、 video 、 Official documents are important , Don't rely solely on one .
in addition , I think I'm more efficient , If you are not sure , Give yourself more time to study . I wish you success in your subsequent research .

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