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Two pronged approach, Tsinghua Professor Pro code JDK and hotspot source code notes, one-time learning to understand

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The historical reason is ,OpenJDK yes JDK Open source version of ,OpenJDK yes Sun stay 2006 At the end of the year Java Open source projects , there “ Open source ” It's usually open source , That is, the source code can be reused , for example IcedTea、UltraViolet from OpenJDK Source derived distribution .

Put these JRL License form Sun/OracleJDK Source code and corresponding version OpenJDK Compare the source code , In addition to the copyright note in the file header , The rest of the code is basically the same , Only the font rendering part is a little different ,Oracle JDK It's a commercial implementation , and OpenJDK It's open source FreeType. Of course ,“ identical ” It is based on the common components of the two ,Oracle JDK There will be some Open JDK There is no the 、 Commercial closed source function .

HotSpot history

HotSpot yes Sun JDK and OpenJDK The virtual machine in , It is also the most widely used Java virtual machine . But not everyone knows that , This looks like “ Pure blood ” In the beginning, the virtual machine of Sun Companies to develop , But by a family called “Longview Technologies” Designed by a small company ; Even this virtual machine was not originally for Java Developed by language , It comes from Strongtalk VM, And a lot of technology in this virtual machine comes from a support Self Language implementation “ achieve C Language 50% The above implementation efficiency ” The goal of virtual machine design , Sun The company noticed that the virtual machine is in JIT There are many excellent ideas and practical effects in compiling , stay 1997 Years acquired Longview Technologies company , So we get HotSpot VM.

SUN Of JDK Version from 1.3.1 Start using HotSpot virtual machine , 2006 Open source at the end of the year , The main use of C++ Realization ,JNI For the interface part C Realization .

HotSpot It's newer Java virtual machine , Used in place of JIT(Just in Time), Can be greatly improved Java Performance of operation .

Java Originally, the source code was compiled into bytecode and executed in the virtual machine , This is slow to execute . and HotSpot Compile some common code into local ( Native ,native) Code , This significantly improves performance .

Let's share the personal code of Professor Tsinghua JDK and HotSpot Source code :

JDK Source code manual

In addition to the contents of the first chapter , We'll start from Chapter 2, bottom-up , From simple to complex, learn the whole in depth in order Concurrent package

Semaphore(Semaphore That's the semaphore , Provides concurrent access control of the number of resources )

HotSpot Source code manual

This manual is mainly about HotSpot Source code of basic function module , This manual will be a good supplement to your foundation , At the same time, the manual will be explained with a large number of examples , In this way, it will be easier for the audience to accept and absorb .

HandleArea、Area And Chunk

klassVtable class

Space class

Generation Class is implemented based on Space Class ,Space Class is responsible for actual memory management


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