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How to solve the data binding failure when Vue JSON editor is used in vue3?

2022-01-27 01:58:15 CSDN Q & A

<template>  <div>        <div class="run_res">            <vue-json-editor v-model="run_res1" :mode="'code'" :showBtns="false" lang="zh" @json-change="onJsonChange" @json-save="onJsonSave" @has-error="onError" />        </div>  </div></template><script> //  The import module  import vueJsonEditor from 'vue-json-editor' export default { //  Certified components  components: { vueJsonEditor }, data() { return { hasJsonFlag:true, // json Whether the verification is passed  // json data  run_res: "", } }, mounted: function() { }, methods: { contrast() { console.log(111, this.run_res) var self = this; let ttoken = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem("user_data")); this.$"/contrast_json/",this.formInline, { 
    headers: { 
    Authorization: "Bearer "+ttoken.token}}) .then((Response) => { this.$message({ message: " Data created ", type: "success", }); }); }, } }</script><style lang="less">.run_res { position: absolute; width: 40%; height: 100%;}div.jsoneditor { position: absolute; width: 100%; height: 100%; background-color: #303133; border-radius: 4px;}/*  Frame  */div.jsoneditor-menu { background-color: #303133; border-bottom: 1px solid #303133;}/*  Content  */div.ace-jsoneditor .ace_scroller { background-color: #303133;}/*  The side  */div.ace-jsoneditor .ace_gutter { background: #303133; color: white;}//  Mark div.ace-jsoneditor .ace_marker-layer .ace_active-line { background: #409EFF;}//  Content text div.ace-jsoneditor .ace_variable { color: #ffffff;}div.ace-jsoneditor .ace_string { color: #ffffff;}div.ace-jsoneditor .ace_constant.ace_numeric { color: #ffffff;}//  Content punctuation div.ace-jsoneditor .ace_text-layer { color: #ffffff;}div.ace-jsoneditor .ace_gutter-active-line { background-color: #409EFF;}</style>```javascript


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