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One 、HugeGraph-Hubble brief introduction

About HugeGraph, The official information is as follows , It is easy to use 、 Efficient 、 General open source graph database system (Graph Database), Realized Apache TinkerPop3 Framework and full compatibility Gremlin query language , Complete tool chain components , Help users easily build applications and products based on graph database .HugeGraph Support more than 10 billion vertices and edges to import quickly , And provide millisecond level association relation query ability (OLTP), And with Hadoop、Spark And so on big data platform integration for offline analysis (OLAP).

HugeGraph Like other graph database systems, it provides a set of front-end display tools .HugeGraph stay 0.10 server Before the release , It's through HugeGraph-Studio Front end display tools provided , There is only one page for simple graph operations .

stay HugeGraph stay 0.10 server After the version , Baidu HugeGraph Start supporting a new set of Web Figure management interface HugeGraph-Hubble, Its function is compared with the previous HugeGraph-Studio, It can be said that it is richer , Graph management can be realized 、 Metadata modeling 、 Data import 、 Figure analysis and batch operation , For wanting to learn HugeGraph Classmate , Can help better .

Official website , About HugeGraph-Hubble This is how it was introduced :HugeGraph-Hubble yes HugeGraph One stop visual analysis platform , The platform covers from data modeling , To quick data import , And then data online 、 Offline analysis 、 And the whole process of unified management of graphs , The whole process wizard operation of graph application is realized , Designed to improve users' fluency , Reduce the threshold of users , Provide a more efficient and easy-to-use experience .

Relevant specific introduction , You can jump to HugeGraph-Hubble Official website details ——

Unfortunately , There is no detailed description on the official website on how to build HugeGraph-Hubble Integrated into the HugeGraph-Server in , I'm based on the previous linux Environment installation operable library language Gremlin Diagram frame of HugeGraph The construction experience of a article , To rebuild HugeGraph-Hubble.

Two 、 Environment installation depends on version

First , It's environment dependent , I choose the hadoop、hbase、hugegraph、hugegraph-hubble The versions are ——

hadoop hbase hugegraph hugegraph-hubble
2.7.5 2.1.0 0.11.2 1.5.0

3、 ... and 、hugegraph Service deployment file parameters

How to install and configure hugegraph Of server End , Please step before me 0.10.4 Version of linux Environment installation operable library language Gremlin Diagram frame of HugeGraph One article , The overall difference is not big , Mainly repair hugegraph In the installation directory hugegraph.properties and rest-server.properties Two documents .

1、hugegraph.properties The document mainly modifies the parameters ——

// Graph service ip port 

Here's a little bit of attention , The figure shows the service port Will be in the back hugegraph-hubble When creating a diagram, you use .

2、hugegraph Integrate hbase2.1.0 The storage configuration is as follows ——

hbase Need version stay 2.0 above , modify hugegraph.properties The following parameters :

//hbase Persistent storage 
// Serializer stored on the back end , The available values are [text、binary、cassandra、hbase、mysql], choose hbase Just use hbase
//hbase Connected zookeeper Cluster connection
//hbase Connected zookeeper Interface
// Repository name

among ,hbase.hosts And hbase.port The parameter of corresponds to hbase Set up zookeeper Parameters of the registry ,hbase Of zookeeper The cluster is configured in hbase-2.1.0/conf/hbase-site.xml In the document , My is ——


and hbase Of master The default port is 16000, When hugeGraph This configuration hbase Like the following hosts and post After the parameter , What it does is , Will arrive zookeeper Cluster registry /hbase/master Get the information to be connected from the node hbase Of master Address , And then connect hbase, my hbase Of master It's on the On the machine .

//hbase Connected zookeeper Interface

You can verify it a little , If I start zookeeper colony , But it didn't start hbase colony , So when hugeGraph When starting data operation , The following exception occurs ——

org.apache.zookeeper.KeeperException$NoNodeException: KeeperErrorCode = NoNode for /hbase/master, details=, see https://s.apache.org/timeout

among KeeperErrorCode = NoNode for /hbase/master, explain zookeeper No, /hbase/master This node , Then think ,hugeGraph Persistent connection to zookeeper, Get and store in /hbase/master The data of , that , What is the data ?

unfortunately , I'll go straight through zookeeper The client goes to see , There's a mess , But Chinese in other places is normal , therefore , I doubt that , The node data is estimated to be serialized , The normal data cannot be seen ......

[zk: localhost:2181(CONNECTED) 21] get /hbase/master
�master:16000�o]7��#PBUF master1�}�����/��
cZxid = 0x10000032a
ctime = Thu Dec 16 07:50:34 CST 2021
mZxid = 0x10000032a
mtime = Thu Dec 16 07:50:34 CST 2021
pZxid = 0x10000032a
cversion = 0
dataVersion = 0
aclVersion = 0
ephemeralOwner = 0x27db96bfb240022
dataLength = 56
numChildren = 0

You can verify... In another way , I'm starting hbase In the process , operation hugeGraph, And then look hugeGraph journal , Now you can connect to zookeeper 了 , But the following log appears ——

2021-12-16 07:49:53 3324377514 [grizzly-http-server-3] [WARN ] org.apache.hadoop.hbase.client.ConnectionImplementation [] - Checking master connection

org.apache.hadoop.hbase.ipc.FailedServerException: Call to master1/ failed on local exception: org.apache.hadoop.hbase.ipc.FailedServerException: This server is in the failed servers list: master1/

among ,This server is in the failed servers list: master1/, Explain finally hugeGraph It's through zookeeper Got it hbase Of master Address master1/, And then connect hbase, but hbase Starting , Therefore, it is not connected to , There is a log connected to , but hbase Of master Prompt starting ——

org.apache.hadoop.hbase.client.RpcRetryingCallerImpl [] - Call exception, tries=10, retries=16, started=58047 ms ago, cancelled=false, msg=org.apache.hadoop.hbase.PleaseHoldException: Master is initializing

above , Configuration hbase do hugeGraph The way and principle of persistent data layer .

Four 、hugegraph And hugegraph-hubble Start the service

After the configuration , You can start it hugeGraph 了 ——( Here we need to pay attention to , For the first time to start , Initialization required , The initialization instruction is bin/init-store.sh, After the execution , Then start the service )

[[email protected] bin]# ./start-hugegraph.sh
Starting HugeGraphServer...
Connecting to HugeGraphServer (
Started [pid 39235]

When HugeGraphServer After the service starts successfully , You can start the installation web Figure management interface hugegraph-hubble1.5.0 了 .

Upload to virtual machine , decompression , Enter into /hugegraph-hubble-1.5.0/conf Catalog , modify hugegraph-hubble.properties file , My modified parameters are mainly as follows ——

// Allow this machine and other machines to access 
// Figure management page port
server.port=8088 gremlin.suffix_limit=250
// Default number of vertex queries
// The default number of side queries
gremlin.edges_total_limit=500 gremlin.batch_query_ids=100

When the configuration is complete , start-up hugegraph-hubble——

[[email protected] bin]# ./start-hubble.sh
starting HugeGraphHubble....OK
logging to /app/hugegraph-hubble-1.5.0/logs/hugegraph-hubble.log

After completion , Browser access

In the screenshot , I have created a diagram , The community version allows you to create up to three diagrams .

The module usage process of the platform is as follows :

The way to create a diagram is simple , Click directly to create the diagram , Fill in the pop-up box with relevant server configuration information , Please refer to my configured ——

Here, the parameters of host name and port number need to be determined according to hugegraph.properties Configured ip Set with port .

After creation , You can enter the graph management page ——

I will in the next article , Share how to live hugegraph-hubble Drawing management carries out drawing example design and drawing analysis .

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