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One volume in hand and travel all over the world (the first part of the big data technical architecture manual comes out in 140000 words)

2022-01-27 01:40:40 Come on, big data


The official account is from 19 Registration began in , Abandoned for a year , Probably from 20 Officially put into operation at the end of the year , Early positioning is a personal summary , There was no idea of taking it as a sideline , Most of the initial articles tend to be at the bottom of the technology .
21 I watched my friends around the year and made good profits after the official account. , Also gradually want to join in , But with the deepening, it is not easy to find out , We all know that the official account is a closed traffic pool. , Drainage is a very painful thing , And Xiaobian knows nothing about operation , This year, some fancy operation methods were also carried out , In addition, the work is busy at ordinary times . So up to now, show off some of your achievements to your friends :
1、 That is, there is no broken powder
2、 The amount of reading is also very poor
3、 Get some abuse from fans , Eating is ugly.
4、 I didn't get any extra income
5、 Nor is it a ten thousand word article
6、 And there's not a single article

7、 Hair is getting thinner and thinner

 picture For all that , Xiaobian will still stick to this road , Because there are several things I'm proud of this year :
1、 I have seen all kinds of people and stories , Met a group of interesting friends
2、 Also helped some children's shoes realize the dream of a big factory
3、 Get to know yourself again , Also get some growth


In the past year , He has written several ten thousand word essays , I also wrote several articles on hydrology , There are also some articles that may not be very in line with the tastes of fans . But that's okay , It's all in Xiaobian's plan . So far , Made up of 《 Big data technical architecture manual - Basic components 》 It's coming out ! picture
The manual took nearly a year , common 673 page ,144905 A word
These include Hive、Spark、Flink、Flume、Es、Zookeeper And other big data components , The manual contains not only from zero to 1 Learning from , It also covers the in-depth analysis of the source code level . Of course, these have been sent in official account. , It's just scattered ; There are also some that have not been sent . Of course, the manual belongs to the first draft of the first edition , There are also many components that have not been added , Some components are not perfect . however ! Xiaobian won't stop there , At the same time, the update frequency may not be too fast ,《 Big data technical architecture manual - Data section 》 Also in the process of sorting . picture

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