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Alibaba internally produces "JAVA beginner's Dictionary", so that you have no pressure on employment

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I've often wondered , In recent years, layoffs in the Internet industry have become more and more serious , Why do so many people want to get into this business , In particular, most people who have already worked will want to change their profession to learn programming , According to this year's college entrance examination volunteer filling situation , Obviously , Computer science has become a hot industry , That's for freshmen and those who want to change careers , How to start learning a programming language , It's really a big problem .
therefore , Today is about Java This kind of programming language , We also have the following content to share with beginners , After reading this content, it can be said that it is quite wonderful , It's produced internally by Ali “Java Beginner's development Dictionary ”, It's a must for employment , Now I'm on the Internet .
The following will be from Java Beginners need to master the hard power and soft power of the two aspects of extra points , The content involves the technical points that beginners need to master and the use of tools , Hope to be able to help new beginners or new friends :
Limited article space , This document provides a complete pdf edition , If you need a friend, just add a little assistant vx:bjmsb0606006 that will do
This Java The contents of the beginner's book include :
Hard power for beginners :
  • Java Basic double check :Java Basic grammar + object-oriented +J2SE I+J2SE II
  • Web Programming exploration :MySQL database +JDBC Programming +Web Front end Foundation +Servlet+JSP
  • SSM Beginner to master :Spring+SpringMVC+Mybatis( Business city management system -SSM、 Enterprise authority management system )
  • SpringBoot+SpringCloud Distributed development :SpringBoot+SpringCloud( be based on SpringBoot The real battle of the mall management system )
  • Oracel database
Soft power for you :
  • Linux
  • Git
  • maven

One 、Java Basic double check

1.Java Basic grammar
  • Introduction to program introduction and development environment
  • Variable 、 data type 、 Operator
  • Branching structure (if/switch)
  • Loop structure
  • Object oriented fundamentals
  • Array + data structure + Algorithm
2. object-oriented
  • encapsulation 、 Classes and objects 、 object-oriented
  • Relationships between classes ( relation 、 rely on 、 generalization 、 Gather )
  • Object oriented encapsulation 、 Inherit 、 polymorphic
  • Access control 、final、 static( Class method ,  Constant , class )、
  • abstract class 、 Interface 、 Inner class
  • Design patterns : The singleton pattern 、 Factory mode
3.J2SE I
  • API Help document 、 Commonly used APl Introduce (String、 Math)
  • Date operation class :Date、Calendar、 DataFormat
  • Collection classes 、 data structure 、 Collection sorting
  • exception handling
  • JDK8 New characteristics :Lambda、 Functional interface 、StreamAPl
  • JDK9 New characteristics
  • File File operations
  • I0 Flow operation
  • Multithreading and concurrent programming
  • TCP、UDP、 Socket Programming 、 HTTP/HTTPS agreement
  • Class loading + Reflection
  • Graphics technology GUI ( Selected studies )

Two 、Web Programming exploration

1.MySQL database
  • Database principle SQL
  • Data types and functions
  • SQL Basic grammar 、 Relational query
  • SQL Advanced query 、 Paging query
  • View 、 Indexes 、 constraint
  • stored procedure 、 trigger
  • Database design and modeling I have PowerDesigner
2.JDBC Programming
  • JDBC principle 、 Basic programming
  • JDBC The core API
  • JDBC Advanced programming ,DAO Pattern
  • Connection pool technology Druid. C3P0、DBCP
  • Universal CRUD Solution DBUtils
  • Things Management + The separation of things
3.Web Front end Foundation
  • web summary 、HTML summary 、 HTML Text processing 、 Images 、 Hyperlinks 、 form 、 Forms
  • CSS summary 、CSS grammar 、CSS Selectors 、 Reuse properties
  • JavaScript Basic grammar 、 function 、 event 、 Reuse properties
  • DOM Operation form validation
  • JQuery summary 、JQuery Selectors 、 JQuery operation DOM
  • JQuery event
  • Web Containers :Tomcat Introduce 、 Common configuration 、 Use
  • Servlet Basics 、HTTP agreement 、 Servelt  working principle 、Servlet Life cycle
  • JSP grammar 、JSP Operation principle 、 forward 、 Redirect 、JSP Development FAQs
  • JSTL、EL expression 、 filter 、 Monitor
  • Session tracking technology (Cookie,Session)
  • Upload files 、 download 、 Verification Code 、 QR code 、Excel File parsing
  • AJAX And Json data format 、Redis Cache technology

3、 ... and 、SSM Beginner to master

4. Business city management system SSM edition

Four 、SpringBoot+SpringCloud Distributed development



To be honest , Whether it's new to the industry , I have been in this industry for many years , Want to get a foothold in this industry , Learning is the best way . In my opinion , Want to be at the top of the pyramid in an industry , Time and effort are the best witness , Take time to learn , It will definitely bring the corresponding return , Especially in the Internet industry , Anything is possible .
If you're right Java Interested in , Want to learn , Or change yourself , Then take action early , Maybe this Java Beginners can help you to improve yourself .
Take this
Java Beginner's development Dictionary
, Just you : Just add a little assistant vx:bjmsb0606006 that will do

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