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2022-01-27 01:38:11 Research on Maomao 475

2021 Notice on the arrangement and precautions of national computer grade examination of Shantou University in the second half of the year


Dear candidates :

2021 In the second half of the year, the national computer grade examination will be held in 9 month 25 Saturday, . The specific arrangement and precautions of the examination are as follows :

One 、 Test time and place

( One ) Examination time :2021 year 9 month 25 Japan ( Saturday )8:00 In batches , The specific examination time and sessions shall be subject to the admission card . Candidates must print the admission ticket in advance and check the examination time , Prepare for the exam .

All candidates before the exam 30 Minutes to the waiting room to participate in the examination . After the exam officially begins , Late candidates are not allowed to enter the examination room .

( Two ) Place of examination :E A teaching building 1 Floor machine room ; Waiting room :E A ladder 101 classroom .

Two 、 Epidemic prevention and control requirements

( One ) According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control , All candidates taking this exam should register “ Yue Kang code ”, And before the exam 14 Sky rise , Monitor your body temperature and fill in “ Body temperature self-monitoring registration form ”( One for each candidate and one for each subject , See the attachment 1).

Confirmed case of novel coronavirus pneumonia 、 Asymptomatic infections 、 Suspected patients 、 Confirmed cases and close contacts , Or no more than 14 Days of cases 、 Fever patients with possible infection cannot be ruled out , You are not allowed to take this examination .

( Two ) Examination room temperature detection . All candidates must take a temperature measurement before entering the examination room , The temperature is below 37.3℃ Before entering the examination room ; Abnormal body temperature , Re inspection is required .

( 3、 ... and ) About protection . Candidates should not wear masks to affect their identification . Candidates should wear masks before entering the examination room , After entering the examination room, candidates decide whether to wear it or not .

( Four ) The exam is over . Candidates shall leave the auditorium in order according to the instructions of the invigilator , No crowding , Maintain personnel spacing .

3、 ... and 、 Application process for non Shantou University candidates

Off campus candidates must 9 month 23 Japan 8:00-9 month 24 Japan 16:00 Submit the enrollment application by scanning the QR code of enrollment application ( See the attachment for the operation process 2, Note the date of submission “ Yue Kang code ” and “ Itinerary card ”), The school will review according to the submitted materials . Please pay attention to the audit status , Show “ Agree to enter the school ” Of , Screenshot required , Enter school with this .

Off campus candidates must show their admission ticket on the day of examination 、 Valid ID card 、 “ Agree to enter the school ” Screenshot and real-time “ Yue Kang code ”( Green code ), Obey the command of on-site staff and enter the site in an orderly manner . If not applied in time , On site audit can be adopted , Unable to produce the above certificates or the certificates do not meet the requirements , No one is allowed to enter the examination center .

Four 、 Carrying of certificates and direct mail of certificates

When the examinee enters the security check on the test day , All carry ID cards 、 Admission ticket 、 Body temperature self-monitoring registration form 、 Statement of health take the exam , And put the certificate in the upper left corner of your seat for inspection . Incomplete certificates and materials , Don't take the exam .

When announcing the test results , The examination center of the Ministry of education will provide certificate direct mail service , Candidates can log in directly NCRE Website ( To apply for .( It is recommended to use , Convenient and quick , Especially for the social examinee group )

C standing (CSDN) Competency certification center

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