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How to save computer research

2022-01-27 01:37:54 Research on Maomao 475

2021 How to correctly save documents in the national computer grade examination in the second half of the year

2021 year 9 month ( The first 62 Time ) The national computer grade examination is scheduled for 9 month 25 solstice 27 Saturday, , The specific examination time shall be subject to the information of individual examination permit number !
At present, Henan 、 jiangsu 、 fujian 9 The monthly exam was postponed to 12 month 4 Japan -6 Japan . Other provinces held as scheduled , How to save documents correctly during the exam ?
Saving documents is very important , If the file name or save location is incorrect, it means that the problem is 0 branch .
The solution is as follows :
(1) file name : Be sure to enter the file name strictly according to the requirements , There can be no mistake , It should be capitalized , The lower case .
(2) Extension : In order to avoid mistakes , Do not enter the extension when saving , Because the system will bring ;
(3) The files made in the examinee's folder must be saved in the examinee's folder , Otherwise it's zero , Never save your finished documents elsewhere ;
(4) In order to prevent system crash during the examination , It is recommended to save step by step , Shortcut key Ctrl+S.


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