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The 72 year old uncle became popular. Wu Jing and Guo fan made his story into a film, which made countless dreamers blush

2022-01-27 01:36:30 Tencent Entertainment

In recent days, , There is a man named Xia Boyu 72 The old man is red , The people's daily issued a document highly praising him , The word admiration was used at the beginning , Wu Jing 、 Hu Ge 、 Several stars of Guo fan have sent messages to publicize him for many times , Crazy fight for him call.

In fact, this is not the first time the old man has been by the official media Amway , stay 2019 year 《 The first lesson 》 On , Uncle Xia Boyu stood on the CCTV stage in high spirits to tell you “ Chinese ladder ” The story of , Tell the story of him and Mount Everest .

1975 In the summer , As a member of the Chinese mountaineering team, Xia Boyu and his teammates embarked on the journey of climbing zhumulang peak , That year 26 At the age of, he is full of infinite curiosity and desire for Everest , But I didn't expect that he would be devastated .

Xia Boyu was energetic at that time , Physical fitness and climbing skills are among the best in the team , In the team, he has “ God of fire ” The title of , So after the teammate's sleeping bag falls , Xia Boyu did not hesitate to give his sleeping bag to the team members , He fought against ice and snow with his strong physical quality .

Unfortunately, it's below zero 30 Under the freezing snow , God of fire can't challenge the limits of his body , His legs were damaged by ice and snow , From the toes to the knees , From red to black , Eventually had to amputate , Lost his legs .

Without legs, normal life is a problem , For Xia Boyu, climbing is more like a delusional dream . His dream of climbing should be frozen with his frozen legs by the ice and snow of Mount Everest , But Xia Boyu himself did not give up his dream of climbing Everest .

After fitting the prosthesis , Xia Boyu did not slack off , Keep exercising every day , Do leg lift 、 Kick leg 、 sit-ups 、 Push ups and other sports , In order to have a good physique and physical quality, I can continue to support myself to complete my mountaineering dream .

After years of rehabilitation training and physical fitness training ,2013 year , Xia Boyu embarked on the journey of climbing Mount Everest again , from 2013 Year to 2019 Year , Xia Boyu tried to climb the summit four times , stay 2018 year ,69 Year old Xia Boyu finally climbed Mount Everest as he wished , To achieve the dream successfully , Become the first Chinese climber to climb Mount Everest without legs .

It is worth mentioning that ,2016 year ,67 Year old Xia Boyu launched an impact on zhumulang peak for the fourth time , It's only... From the top 94 When it's rice , A snowstorm is coming , In order to take into account several members of the team 20 The life of a teenager , When there is still one step away from the dream , Xia Boyu chose to retreat .

You know this year , Xia Boyu has 67 Year old , If you miss the chance to climb to the top this time, maybe your dream will never be completed again , But out of responsibility for your family and team members , He made the choice to retreat .

The good thing is that Kung Fu is not inferior to those who want to , Xia Boyu is 69 At the age of , Finally done 40 Years of dream , Successfully climbed Mount Everest , Completed the greatest achievement of a dreamer : Interpret a dream .

Each of us had dreams big and small , We all used to think of ourselves as dreamers , But after reading teacher Xia Boyu's story , How many people feel blushing ?

How many people remember themselves 26 Years old dream , How many people have completed their own 26 What's your dream ? Think about the dreams you lost , Why did you lose him ? Is it an external obstacle or a magic obstacle in your heart ?

Xiaoyu believes that most people will encounter all kinds of difficulties on the way to realize their dreams , But no matter how big the difficulty is, it should not be as big as Miss Xia Boyu's loss of legs , He didn't give up his dream , What reason do we have to give up ?

The story of teacher Xia Boyu is written by Wu Jing 、 Guo fan invested and made a record film 《 Endless climb 》, Hu Ge voiced the narrator of the film , Because I was touched by teacher Xia Boyu's story , That's why this work .

The three of them passed teacher Xia Boyu's life experience , I see infinite hope and endless possibilities , Pass teacher Xia Boyu's persistence and persistence in dreams to more people in the form of documentary films , I hope you can feel the power of dreams through this film , Whether it's setbacks or adversity , Can meet difficulties , Fulfill your dream .

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