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Installing PIP under Windows

2022-01-27 01:32:37 Dragon-v

1、 open pip Official website , Official website connection :pip · PyPIThe PyPA recommended tool for installing Python packages.

2、 Download zip

3、 Put him in your pre prepared folder , And extract the

 4、 The next step is CMD Command input pip list You can see whether the installation is successful

5、 This is success , But sometimes there are ImportError No module named setuptools error , resolvent :

         install pip The process of , perform python install, Report errors :“ImportError No module named setuptools”, Lack of setuptools This module .

install setuptools:

  1. download setuptools The tool compresses the package and decompresses
  2. cd pypa-setuptools-eb92fc5071bf // It depends on the name of your decompression Directory
  3. 3.python install

  After installation , Executing your installer commands (python install) that will do .

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