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Problems encountered in pushing APK into the real machine

2022-01-27 01:23:18 CSDN Q & A

background :

The real machine is a car machine with an existing project , So it's different from the real machine .


Set up notification The highest level of notification is IMPORTANCE_HIGH when ,
There should be : The drop-down notification bar displays notifications , And a pop-up window will appear .

Real phenomenon :

Write your own apk Pusher , Pop ups will not appear ,
But if the first mock exam is added to the module, notice will be added. , Pop up window can pop up .
The code is the same .


self-written apk, stay Import introduce Notification Original in Shihe real machine Notification Different ,
This leads to such problems , But how to solve it .

Refer to the answer 1:


This refer to ? Different package names ?

Refer to the answer 2:

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