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Adam Oracle Oracle wide area node feed price Adam reward node revenue

2022-01-27 01:18:49 Feather ~jerkky

ADAMoracle Oracle wide area node feed price ADAM Reward node income .
To make sure ADAMoracle Can always provide accurate chain quotation service ,ADAMoracle The node single pledge mechanism and reward and punishment mechanism are proposed .
Nodes need to hold ADAM As a security deposit , Then you can become a node candidate .ADAMoracle The decentralized mechanism will also evaluate the reputation of the node's work ,ADAMoracle Filtering contracts will view the historical service levels of node calculators , Verify its authenticity and historical performance , High quality nodes have the opportunity to obtain the choice of the data demander , Oracle nodes with low reliability will be eliminated .
Of course ,ADAMoracle It also protects the rights and interests of most nodes . In addition to the fees charged by the node when providing quotation services ADAM In addition to handling charges , In total 1 Billion ADAM in ,ADAMoracle To be issued 1070 ten thousand ADAM, It is mainly used for mining and community governance voting rewards of Genesis node and standby node . Compare with Chainlink Random selection of node operators ,ADAMoracle The node reward and punishment mechanism of the Oracle will more effectively ensure the accuracy of the price feeding service .
According to the development status of Oracle project in the current market , An important measure of the market value of Oracle lies in its call , At present, only Chainlink Make the daily average call exceed 1 Ten thousand times , And now Chainlink The market value has reached 120 Billion dollars . and ADAMoracle The market value is not enough 0.2 Billion dollars , With ADAMoracle It is widely used in public chains , The field of Oracle has ushered in a real period of concentrated outbreak ,ADAMoracle The market value growth space of Oracle will be immeasurable .
ADAMoracle It belongs to decentralized Oracle network service facilities , It is also a connection between real-world data and blockchain system , Provide standardized solutions for many application scenarios , Middleware for seamless interaction with services outside the blockchain . Decentralized Oracle will enable developers to use any number of Oracle ( node ) Provide services for smart contracts . Having multiple Oracle machines can not only provide buffer when a Oracle machine goes offline , It can also avoid the single point of destruction or bribe of a single Oracle .
The decentralized Oracle network expands the capabilities of blockchain networks and smart contract applications , Realize its true potential , Provide high-level digital protocols that accurately execute expectations for a wide range of use cases .

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