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Print your own admission ticket for computer examination

2022-01-27 01:15:41 Research on Maomao 475

The national computer grade examination ticket needs to be printed by yourself . Lai

Candidates need to print before the exam . Candidates apply online , You need to register in the online registration system of your province and fill in the relevant basic information 、 Upload a front bareheaded electronic recent photo , Then pay online or pay at the designated place and confirm your identity information .

You can open the official website of the national computer grade examination on the computer , Select your area, log in and print after entering . After logging into the background of the national computer grade examination in the region, click Print admission ticket at the bottom of the page to complete the printing . The specific printing method is as follows :

Enter the national computer grade examination on Baidu , After finding its official website, click to enter .


After entering the national computer grade examination official website, click online registration .


After the page jumps, click your own area to enter .


Enter your account and password in the login interface and click the login button .


After the page Jump, enter the background of the registration system of the national computer grade examination , Click to view the registration information .


The print admission ticket button can be seen in the view registration information interface , Click Print admission ticket .


Click to download the admission ticket in the pop-up download dialog box .


When the download is complete, double-click to open the PDF Admission form entry .


On the PDF Click the printer logo in the upper left corner of the admission card interface and click the OK button in the pop-up printing dialog box .


After waiting for the printer to finish printing, you can see the ticket of the computer grade examination .


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