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Must the computer examination time be according to the time on the admission ticket

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One 、 Test tips

1. Examinee Yu 11 month 20 You can print the admission ticket through the registration website from the date of . Candidates are advised to 11 month 22 Don't leave the districts and cities where the test center is located from the th , No more high-risk areas novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak .

2. Candidates shall take the examination at the time and place specified on their admission cards , And one hour before the exam ( The students of the school where the examination center is located shall be subject to the notice of the school ) Arrive at the examination room .

3. All candidates must bring their own masks 、 Disposable gloves enter the test site . Entry point ( Waiting room ) The examination permit must be verified at the time of examination 、 Valid ID card 、 Health code and temperature test , Temperature ≥37.3℃ Of the candidates went to the isolation area and took another measurement after a proper rest ≥37.3℃ You are not allowed to enter the examination site .

4. Belong to “ Fujian Province 2021 The National Computer Rank Examination (NCRE) Epidemic prevention instructions for candidates ” Six categories of candidates listed in , Must submit 12 month 1 Negative report of nucleic acid test in the future , Otherwise, you are not allowed to enter the examination center .

5. Candidates should fill in after admission “ Fujian education examination examinee health declaration card and safety examination commitment letter ” And “ Statement of health ”( Attachments can be downloaded and filled in in advance ).

6. Candidates can only carry necessary stationery ( Like a pencil 、 rubber 、 Pen 、 Ballpoint pen, etc ) Enter the examination room ; Do not carry books 、 Information 、U disc 、 Communication tools and calculators such as watches and mobile phones 、 Portable computer 、PDA And other auxiliary tools and other items .

7. When entering the examination room from the waiting room, candidates should receive a secondary temperature test , Temperature ≥37.3℃ Visitors are not allowed to enter .

8. After the opening information is sent , To start answering questions . In the exam , Save the answer data according to the requirements of the test questions , Only after the papers are handed in successfully can they leave the field and wait in the lounge , The invigilator shall not leave the examination center until he / she notifies that the examination paper is accepted correctly .

9. If the examinee has fever during the examination center 、 Cough and other discomfort , You should respond to the staff of the examination center at the first time , And obey the arrangement of the epidemic prevention working group of the examination site , It is confirmed by the epidemic prevention working group of the examination site that it is not suitable to take the examination , You can apply for a refund of the examination fee .

10. Please keep your mobile communication unblocked , Pay attention to the official website of Fujian Education Examination Institute “ National computer grade examination epidemic prevention notice ” Or relevant SMS notification .

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