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How many levels are you going to take for computer research

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Computer examination can skip level 1 and directly apply for Level 2 , You don't have to take level 1 first and then level 2 , As long as the result is qualified, you can directly obtain the level II Certificate of the corresponding subject .


| Computer level II Examination Subjects
1、C Language :C Language is a process oriented 、 Abstract general programming language , Widely used in the underlying development .C Language can be compiled in a simple way 、 Processing low-level memory .C Language is a kind of efficient programming language which can produce only a few machine languages and can run without any support of running environment .
2、C++ Language :C++ yes C Inheritance of language , It can do both C Process programming of language , It can also be used for object-based programming characterized by abstract data types , It can also carry out object-oriented programming characterized by inheritance and polymorphism .
3、Java Language :Java Is an object-oriented programming language , Not only absorbed C++ The advantages of language , It's abandoned C++ The incomprehensible inheritance in 、 Concepts such as pointer , therefore Java Language has two characteristics: powerful and easy to use .
4、Python Language :Python Is a cross platform computer programming language . It's a high-level combination of explanatory 、 Compilability 、 Interactive and object-oriented scripting language .
5、MySQL:MySQL Is a relational database management system , Relational databases keep data in different tables , Instead of putting all the data in one big warehouse , This increases speed and flexibility .
6、Access:Microsoft Office Access Microsoft is a database management system that combines the graphical user interface of database engine with software development tools . Software developers and data architects can use Microsoft Access Develop application software ,“ Advanced users ” You can use it to build software applications .
Computer level II adopts paperless examination , The examination time is 120 minute , Full marks 100 branch , The total score is 60 You can obtain a certificate of conformity . Candidates who have not obtained the qualification certificate , No make-up examination , The next time you need to register as a new candidate .

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