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How to score computer research

2022-01-27 01:14:26 Research on Maomao 475

Score according to the operation steps . This test is relatively dead . Computer scoring does not look at the results . Just look at the steps .


second level office There are two ways to score exams :

xml analysis ,com analysis

(1)com Analysis is based on office Object provided by component , You can get the information of non program code directly 、 Specific value , Specific results , Can give you a specific explanation of the error ;

(2) and xml Analysis is based on xml Code ( That's what you did word、excel file , The essence is to transform and generate program code , Do you know? ? This is called xml Code . For example, you set a font , It's just a code ; You call abc, Also converted to code , preservation ……). Examination score , Just look at the generated program code , The code is right , That means you did the right thing , Just give points . What you do is converted into professional code , What exactly is it made of , There are specific codes . This process is one-way , It's hard to reverse . Just see the program code , Guess what you set up ? Most impossible .

xml That's what parsing is , Fortunately, most of the questions are com analysis , Is not xml analysis .

Computer level two examination is the National Computer Rank Examination (National Computer Rank Examination, abbreviation NCRE) One of the four levels , Check the basic knowledge of computer and use a high-level computer language programming and debugging basic skills . Computer level two examination adopts national unified proposition 、 Unified examination form .

C standing (CSDN) Competency certification center

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