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Student achievement management system C language training

2022-01-27 01:09:29 CSDN Q & A


Friendly user interface (UI),

Clear and beautiful interface to call various functions .

Creating a record can complete the input of multiple records at one time ; Each record includes the student's student number , full name , Gender , high
Count 、 English 、 Circuit three single subject scores , Award winning achievements in science and technology , Total score of comprehensive evaluation 、 Comprehensive evaluation ranking , contact number .( The average score in the exam 、 The science and technology award-winning achievements account for% of the total achievements 80%,20%)

find record

Find student records by name or student number , And display , You can check
All information within the scope of inquiry .

Sorting function | According to the size of the student number , Total score , The average score shall be arranged in order .

Insert / Modify the record

You can add or modify student records .

Delete record

Enter the student ID that will be deleted . Read the student information , Request this
Confirm , To decide whether to delete the information .

Output notes store student information in a file , Recording can also output information to the screen .

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