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What color does the computer examination permit print

2022-01-27 01:03:26 Research on Maomao 475

Computer admission cards do not have to be printed in color . There is no requirement for computer examination to print the admission ticket in color or black and white , Candidates can choose according to their own situation .

Candidates need to pay attention to when printing computer admission cards : 1、 Please use IE6.0 The above criteria IE To open the registration website and print the admission ticket . 

2、 If the network is busy , Or the examinee's computer network speed is too slow to display the photos on the admission ticket normally , Please refresh the page , The photo cannot be printed until it can be displayed normally . Or avoid network peak printing .

3、 When candidates take the written examination , You need to hold your admission card and valid ID card ( Resident ID card 、 Temporary ID card 、 The military card 、 Certificates of armed police personnel 、 passport ) Enter the examination room , You can't take the exam without one .

4、 When printing the computer examination permit, you need to use A4 Paper printing , Guarantee handwriting 、 The picture is clear .

5、 The printing time of computer admission ticket is usually about one week before the exam , Candidates must pay attention to the time , Don't forget to print your admission card .

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