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Do you want to show your facial features in the national computer research photos

2022-01-27 01:03:24 Research on Maomao 475


1. For the same test, candidates can only choose one test site to register , Please read the information in the registration announcement carefully , Register according to the requirements of the examination center . Choose from the subjects that have been opened at the application site , And the number of subjects registered for the examination shall not exceed the limited number of subjects registered for the examination site .

2. If the candidate's name appears in a strange word , You can spell it in Chinese pinyin or “ Kou ” Instead of .

3. The photos uploaded by the examinee should be the recent bareheaded color certificate photo of the examinee . The minimum photo image size is 192*144( high * wide ), colour , The minimum imaging area size is 48mm*33mm( high * wide ). Photos are required to be stored as jpg Format , The image file name is *.jpg, Photo size :20-200KB. Photos will be used for certificates of conformity , Candidates should upload their own clear 、 The photo in front of you , Candidates whose uploaded photos do not meet the requirements are not allowed to take the exam .

matters needing attention : Recent bareheaded photos , The head space occupation of the photo is correct , Proportional coordination , The image is clear , Natural color , Avoid hair covering eyebrows 、 Ears , Avoid looking blue 、 become green 、 become yellow 、 Pale isochromatic photos , Avoid objects unrelated to the character .

4. After the candidate submits the registration information , Online payment must be made within the time limit of the system . After the payment is successful , Please return to the registration system to check the payment status , Confirm that the payment status of the registered subject is “ Paid ”, It means that the subject registration is successful .

5. Candidates who register online must fill in the registration information and check the authenticity of the content 、 effectiveness 、 Normative responsibility . If the information is incorrect due to personal reasons , As a result, the examinee is unable to take the exam or the result is invalid , Take responsibility .

C standing (CSDN) Competency certification center

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