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Gold, silver and silver finished the 17w word soft test interview question before four. Ali P7 of the spring recruit is stable and favorites eat ash

2022-01-27 01:03:23 Two black


2021 The year is almost over ,2022 The year is coming , Close to what we call “ Kim San Yin four ” It's less than a few months , Time flies by , Some people do it for 2022 Job hopping is well prepared , Some people are sharpening their swords , You must want to be in front of the screen 2022 Let's raise our salary every year , So here comes the question , How to achieve the goal , Let's take a look at some high-frequency interview questions for you !!!

Basic knowledge interview questions :

  • The definition of testing
  • Types of tests
  • Black box testing
  • White box testing :
  • There are several dynamic test methods
  • Development of test plan
  • The load test , Capacity test , The difference between strength test and compatibility test
  • alpha test 、beta test and gamma test
  • What are the criteria for the end of the test
  • Describe the life cycle of software testing activities
  • How to divide the defect level of software ?
  • When developers say it's not BUG when , How do you deal with ?
  • Why should software testing work be carried out in a team ?
  • Do you know the software testing process of the enterprise you worked in the past ?
  • What are the different roles to complete these tasks ?
  • Do you know the development process of the enterprise you worked on in the past ?
  • What types of software testing are you familiar with ? Please try to compare the differences and connections between these different test types ( Such as function test 、 Performance testing ……)
  • Please compare the black box test 、 White box testing 、 unit testing 、 Integration testing 、 The system test 、 The difference and connection of acceptance test .
  • What is the purpose of the test planning effort ? What does the test plan include ? Those are the most important ?
  • What do you think is the key to good test planning ?
  • What are the test case design schemes you are familiar with ? Please illustrate the application of this method in test case design with specific examples .
  • What is test evaluation ? What is the scope of the test evaluation ?

automated testing :

  • What test framework was used to do the automated test of the last project ? Tell me how to do it ? Understanding of Automation ?
  • GET And POST The difference between ?
  • //*[contains(@text,“ Sign in ”)] What does that mean? ?
  • Automation encounters use cases fail How to troubleshoot ?
  • Talk about the process of interface testing and interface automation , Introduce to you request What are they ?
  • What are the main points of writing interface test cases ?
  • If the module requests http Change it to https, How the test plan should be developed , modify ?
  • Commonly used HTTP What are the protocol debugging agent tools ? Detailed description of grab HTTPS Protocol setting process ?
  • HTTPS and HTTP The difference between
  • Process of interface automation test ?
  • postman How to use ? Advanced usage ?mock Application scenarios and basic usage ?
  • Where did you put the data from your previous automated test ? How do you use it? ? Management of public variables ? Means of managing test cases ? How to improve use case coverage rate ? Interface test relevance interface implementation method ?
  • Irreversible operation , How to deal with it , For example, how to test this interface when deleting an order ?
  • Give voice 10 More than Linux command ( Pay attention to the common commands of performance test and monitoring ?)
  • Introduce how you use... In this project Jenkins Of .

Python Basics

  • Talk about your understanding of object orientation ?
  • process 、 What's the difference between threads ? When to use process ? When to use threads ?
  • Python Garbage collection mechanism ?
  • python What are single line comments and multi line comments used respectively ?
  • python The concept and difference between deep copy and shallow copy ?
  • json And the dictionary dict The difference between ?
  • Input and output
  • Dictionaries
  • character string
  • list

APP test :

  • What is? Android Four components ?
  • When you click APP The icon starts the program , Describe the processes that will happen ?
  • APP What are the main contents of the test , How to develop ?
  • Android What should be considered in the compatibility test of ?
  • in the light of App Installation function of , Write test points ?
  • frequently-used ADB command ?
  • In the view logcat How to save the contents of the command log to the local file ?
  • App collapse ( Flash back ), What may be the cause ?


  • selenium How to determine the existence of an element in ?
  • selenium in hidden Or is it display = none Whether the element of can be positioned to ?
  • selenium How to ensure the success rate of operation elements ? That is to say, how to ensure that the elements I click on must be clickable ?
  • How to improve selenium The speed of script execution ?
  • What is the execution strategy for your automation use cases ?
  • What is continuous integration ?
  • Is it necessary to connect to the database for data verification when testing automatically ?
  • There are several common positioning methods for elements , Namely ? Which one do you prefer the most , Why? ?
  • How to locate dynamically loaded elements on a page ?
  • How to locate elements with dynamic attributes ?
  • How to build an automated testing framework ?
  • What is automated testing framework ?
  • What is? Selenium Server, It is associated with Selenium Hub What's the difference ?

Performance testing :

  • Basic concepts :HPS、TPS、QPS、RPS、RT、 The concept of concurrent users ? Brief introduction ?

  • Pressure measuring tool ? What indicators do you mainly look at ?

  • In the performance test TPS Analysis of several reasons why I can't go up ?

  • Performance testing tools know a few ? The pressure measurement results are different ?

  • Performance testing strategy ?

  • Performance test scenario setting ideas ?

  • What do you think the purpose of performance testing is ? What is the key to performance testing ?

  • How to understand stress testing , Load test and performance test ?

Logical questions :

  • Burn an uneven rope , It takes... From the beginning to the end 1 Hours . Now there are several ropes of the same material , Ask how to use the method of burning rope to time an hour and 15 minutes ?
  • You have a barrel of jelly , There's yellow 、 green 、 Three kinds of red , Close your eyes and grab two of the same color . Grab as many as you want to make sure you have two jellies of the same color ?
  • If you have an infinite amount of water , One 3 A liter of lift , One 5 A liter of lift , The shape of the two pokes is uneven up and down , Ask how you can accurately weigh 4 Liters of water ?
  • A fork leads to the country of honesty and the country of lies . There are two people , It is known that an honest country , The other is from the country of lies . The honest country always tells the truth , A liar always lies . Now you're going to lie country , But I don't know which way to go , I need to ask these two people . How should I ask ?
  • 12 A ball a balance , It is known that only one weight is different from the others , How can I find the ball three times ?( Note that this question does not indicate whether the ball is light or heavy , So we need to think about )
  • In one day 24 In an hour , The clock hour 、 There are several times when the minute hand and the second hand coincide completely ? When are they all different ? How did you figure out ?


The interview questions include the following 19 modules : software test ,liunx, automated testing ,Python Basics ,APP test , The interface test ,selenium, Performance testing , Security testing , Logical questions ,HR Interview questions ,. As shown in the figure below :


Consider space , On the selection of some common important interview questions to show out .

All the interview questions are not immutable , The above interview questions are just for your reference , The main thing is to increase your knowledge reserve , Be prepared against want .

Data acquisition method : Official account : Programmer two black , Access to the above information ~

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