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Changes of the times! Openjdk 17 plans to discard and remove the security manager feature

2022-01-27 00:59:24 Programming China News

To promote Java Move forward ,OpenJDK 17 Intend to abandon Its security manager (Security Manager) function , In order to work with old small applications API ( JEP 398 ) Delete... Together .

The safety manager function can be traced back to Java 1.0, When we use a push-button phone or Nokia Web Download from the browser Java Game apps (Applet) Era , The security manager runs small games in the sandbox , Thus denying it access to resources such as file system or network , Protect the security of our devices and the privacy of our data . Safety manager All operations involving access to trusted code resources will be approved , But refuse access to trusted code resources .

But as times change and Java The proliferation of Libraries , The security manager has become powerful, not from the heart , Along with carrying Android The popularity of smart phones ,Java The platform no longer supports the format of small applications , The environment used by security manager has become less . these years , It hasn't been protecting clients Java The main means of code , It is also rarely used to protect server-side code .

Three crimes of Safety Manager :

  • Fragile permission model

The security manager must grant the application all the permissions it needs to perform the operation , Partial security access control is not possible . for example , Users are worried about illegal access to data , Therefore, the security manager is required to grant the application the permission to read files only from a specific directory , But it's not enough to just read the file , Because the application will definitely use Java In addition to reading files, other operations in the class library ( For example, write a file ), These other operations will be rejected by the Security Manager .

  • Difficult programming model

The security manager checks all code permissions for one operation , Approve safety sensitive operations by decision , Makes it difficult to write libraries that run with the Security Manager , Because library developers don't record all the permissions required for their library code .

  • Poor performance

The core of security manager is a complex access control algorithm , This usually results in an unacceptable loss of performance . therefore , By default , For... Running on the command line JVM, The security manager is always disabled .

For all these reasons , The function of witnessing the development history of mobile devices is about to change from Java Remove , Key phone and its Java Small apps are gone with the years .

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