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Windows terminal will become the default terminal program for windows 11

2022-01-27 00:59:22 Programming China News

Windows Terminal project manager Kayla Cinnamon In an article Blog posts Pointed out in , The team plans to 2022  Nianrang Windows Terminal Become Windows 11 The default experience of the device .

Users will be able to find this setting in multiple places : stay Windows Set the developer settings page 、 On the launch page Windows Terminal Set inside 、 And in Windows Console host property sheet .

The specific promotion plan is , Will be taken from Windows Insider Program Start , And began to promote through the ring network , Until all Windows 11 Installation .

According to the introduction , The default terminal is the terminal simulator that starts by default when the command line application is opened . from Windows From the date of birth , The default terminal simulator is always Windows Console host conhost.exe. This means things like Command Prompt and PowerShell etc. shell Always in Windows The console is opened in the host .

For a long time , Users can't easily change the console host .Kayla  call , Although there is third-party support Make it possible , But it has never really been supported .“ Now? , We are opening features to allow other terminals to be set as default , Include Windows terminal .”

Windows Terminal One will be released this month servicing release; The next feature version is planned for next year 1 Published in .

Details are available. Check the official blog .

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