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Several common memory management systems in Java

2022-01-27 00:57:24 Guangdong embedded Education

   Based on Java Content management system (CMS) Navigation is not the simplest task in our world . New solutions are emerging , To help users manage their websites and web Content on the application . The scale of various content management systems 、 Price and scalability vary .

   Here are some of the most popular Java CMS.


  Magnolia Is a completely headless open source CMS, Allow a wide variety of add ons and integrations , It can help users customize everything according to their specific needs . It is built on the basis of Java Developers' best open source stack , And for the use of Java The content repository is optimized , This provides a number of additional options for upgrading applications .Magnolia Store and manage for content ( as well as API) Provides a lot of opportunities , Content can be reused across different systems within the enterprise .

   However ,Magnolia It also has its disadvantages . The biggest disadvantage is that it requires two separate applications to run . One is the author instance application behind the firewall , For users to create content . The other is a public facing application that hosts and serves content , Typically run as multiple instances to maximize availability . This solution may cause some security problems .

  Magnolia Most suitable for medium and large projects , Because for a small website with a lot of options , It may be a little too powerful . It has a free open source community version , Enough for production deployment , There is also a commercial version that requires a paid license . 

  Bloomreach / Hippo CMS

   And Magnolia equally ,Bloomreach CMS( Formerly known as Hippo CMS) It's also a completely headless CMS, Can easily work with all the biggest business tools ( Such as BigCommerce、SAP and Shopify) Integrate . It is highly modular , Support flexible ways to customize your e-commerce website , Make it fully meet your needs .Bloomreach suffer Bosch、NHS Digital and HellermannTyton And other large companies .

   Regardless of technical experience ,Bloomreach All drag and drop builders can be easily used , Make it one of the most user-friendly options . Excellent version control of business pages allows you to track edits and restore previous versions indefinitely .Bloomreach Enables you to start with a few landing pages , Or provide power for the whole site or experience .Bloomreach Our pricing is also very flexible , Let you develop your business at your own speed .


  Alfresco Modular architecture and REST API and SDK Combination , Enable you to enhance your e-commerce experience , And provide you with a large number of highly configurable 、 Reusable components , To create a modern 、 Responsive web And mobile end-user applications .

  Alfresco It also includes out of the box support for leading productivity applications , Include Microsoft Office、Google Docs、Microsoft Outlook and E-commerce tools can be used through other Java Business process management (BPM) Framework and information governance functions .

  Alfresco The biggest advantage offered is , It not only provides CMS, It also provides a broader information management framework for enterprises . This makes Alfresco There are important advantages over other content management tools in companies searching for this exact function . however , It needs to be simple Java CMS Your organization may find complex BPM Integration with information governance is too complex .

  Alfresco Most advanced features of require a commercial license . Although the platform has a free open source version , But it only provides some functions of the commercial version , For many practical deployments , It is not a practical open source Java CMS.

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