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How to test real questions in computer verification

2022-01-27 00:54:04 Research on Maomao 475

How to do the real questions of CET-2 more effectively ?

1、 Do questions independently . How many points you get is not the point , Maybe you're failing at the moment , But we must know the purpose of doing questions , The purpose of doing real questions in CET-2 is to exercise our ability to do questions .PS: Exercise the ability to do questions also includes the practice of computer-based examination system ~

2、 Correct your mistakes against the answers . First correct the mistakes by comparing the answers , Figure out the mistakes in each problem .

3、 Do it three times again . Until this set of test papers is OK , Don't lose a penny .

4、 Start digesting from point to area . You need to understand these points in each problem : The first point , This topic is the knowledge points in the sections of several chapters ; second , There are several knowledge points in this section , Do you know all about ? Third , Where is the focus of this question ? Fourth , What are the chapters of the relevant knowledge points of this topic , Go and have a look .

5、 Do it again after digestion , Take the above digestion and do it again , You will find that the perception is completely different .

What's the use of test questions over the years ?

1、 Leading direction :

We observe the experience of many examinees who have passed the CET-2 , The reason why everyone can pass the exam , In addition to their own hard work , The essential thing is to do questions ! Want to do questions to consolidate knowledge points , We're going to do the exams over the years ! Through the study of the examination questions of the CPA examination over the years , You can understand the question types of CPA Examination 、 Propositional style 、 Score distribution of each subject 、 The focus and difficulty of the exam . All represent the direction of the exam , It has played a guiding role for candidates in the new school year , It can be said that it is a high-quality review material for the candidates of the registration Association , Every candidate should do more test questions , Pay attention to test questions .

2、 Check for defects and make up for omissions :

In the process of doing questions , Where it gets stuck, go back to that knowledge chapter and consolidate learning again , In short, let the knowledge network not “ A hole ”. So we have to do the test questions over the years , One can consolidate their learning of knowledge points , Second, it can clarify the examination direction and angle of each knowledge point .

How to use computer level 2 test questions ?

Integrate the test exercise into the daily problem-solving , You can test your learning effect . By doing the test questions , Understand the test questions 、 Be familiar with the test questions , Make the test point clear 、 have a lucid brain . You can draw one or two sets of test questions before the exam to practice the sense of questions , Get familiar with the test routine , Be prepared for the examination room .

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