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2022-01-27 00:53:59 Research on Maomao 475

Computer simulation software for national computer grade examination It is a simulated examination system for students in the national computer grade examination , Rich learning resources , Massive real problem simulation , The explanations were comprehensive , Help you clear all the difficulties in the exam , If you need it, please come to the green resources website to download it !

National computer grade examination :

National computer grade examination (National Computer Rank Examination, abbreviation NCRE) It was approved by the former National Education Commission ( Current Ministry of Education ) approval , Sponsored by the examination center of the Ministry of Education , Facing the society , A national computer proficiency examination system for examining candidates' computer application knowledge and skills .

The national computer grade examination has four grades . It does not aim to evaluate teaching , The assessment content is not set according to the requirements of the school , But according to the different degrees and needs of computer application in different sectors of society 、 The development of computer technology in China and computer education in China 、 Determined by the current situation of teaching and popularization ; It focuses on application ability , rank , Separate assessment , Choose a job for people 、 The flow of talents provides proof of their computer application knowledge and ability level .

Software introduction :

This software doesn't need to be edited , It is an examination system including national computer grade examination level 1 to level 3 , It's really a very good resource , Don't miss it when you pass by ~

Although almost all people today can use computers , But many people just regard him as a tool , So I didn't take any certificates . But when working, I found that the computer certificate is still a little useful , But there is no certificate in hand ~ tragedy …… ok , today , Let's share the national computer grade one, two and three simulation examination system with all friends who are about to take part in the national computer grade examination , I believe it will help you !

Examination experience :

1. Review must be careful , More practice should be done in computer operation ; It is suggested to buy a set of simulated question bank exercises , Buy the one with answers to demonstrate

2. You'd better refer to the textbook for review , The teaching materials are based on the examination outline , So you can refer to the book when you have time . Even if time is tight , We should focus on doing question bank exercises .

3. Remember to choose the subjects you are familiar with , Try to choose what you usually use , In that way, no matter review or examination , Will feel very confident , The confidence of the exam will be greater ;

I have to pass the exam , The key is to make a careful review plan for yourself , What questions should I do during this time , Make several sets in detail , And give yourself enough maneuvering time , In order to avoid delaying learning due to temporary things in work or study .

Software screenshot

 Computer simulation software for national computer grade examination  v2017  The latest version  0

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