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How much does the computer research raise

2022-01-27 00:53:58 Research on Maomao 475

Because the soft test certificate is the professional title certificate , therefore , Whether you're in the party or government , Or enterprises and institutions , In theory , As long as you get the soft test certificate, you can get a raise , But more and less , It depends on your unit .

For example, I saw a test friend in a soft test communication group , His unit is a software company , If you get a soft test Advanced Certificate , The salary can be increased every month 1000 element , Isn't it tempting !

Can tell you that the soft test has many uses and benefits

As follows :

  1. 1

    Capability improvement . Such as intermediate system integration project management engineer in soft test 、 Senior Information System Project Manager , Besides examining IT Beyond technology , At the same time, we should also have knowledge of project management . This is also the fundamental purpose of soft test certification , promote IT People's comprehensive ability .

  2. 2

    A promotion and pay increase . In the software industry , Yes 79% Employers are more likely to have certified students . The soft exam certificate will also be used as a standard to measure employees' project management ability , And will get a raise or reward .

  3. 3

    Take the exam for the review . The so-called test instead of evaluation , After passing the examination of the corresponding level , You can get the title of corresponding level . In China, , Senior titles can do a lot of things , In addition to promotion and salary increase , It's also suitable for buying cars 、 Purchase of houses, etc .

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    Entry of points . Soft test certificate can add points when applying for Hukou in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou ( Points into the city )

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    Enterprise capital application . In order to obtain more large projects , You must apply for the qualification level of the enterprise , One of the conditions for applying for qualification , It requires employees to have a certain number of intermediate system integration project management engineers , Senior information system project manager certificate . After the project is declared successfully , The company will reward those who have passed the certificate .

matters needing attention  

  • The soft test certificate can help you apply for the professional title , It's good for promotion and salary increase . In part “ Entry of points ” In the city , Soft test certificate can apply for extra points , Help settle down .

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