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Is there any grade in the computer examination of College upgrading

2022-01-27 00:33:30 Research on Maomao 475

The computer examination for upgrading from college to college refers to the foundation of computer application , Corresponding to the computer level , If the candidate has a bachelor degree or above in the National Education Series ( Including undergraduate )

Those who meet the conditions can be exempted from the examination ; Except for computer majors . Won the first grade of national computer grade examination B Or above can meet the requirements and be exempted from the examination .

There are two kinds of upgraded books: unified enrollment upgraded book and adult education upgraded book , Only fresh college graduates can apply for this year's college entrance examination , If you have graduated, you can only choose adults .

College entrance examination 、 distance learning 、 And other adult higher education methods to improve their academic qualifications , For example, distance education is more suitable for office workers to choose , There are no time and place restrictions , The choice of institutions is also relatively free , You can apply to China Medical University across regions .

learn 、 Beijing Normal University 、 Communication University of China 、、 Northeast Normal University 、 Jiangnan university, 、 University of foreign economic and Trade 、 Xi'an Jiaotong University 、 Northeast Agricultural University 、 Fujian Normal University 、 Northeast University and other institutions .

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