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Computer textual research of secondary vocational school

2022-01-27 00:33:29 Research on Maomao 475

The computer that everybody in school often says “ Class A ”、“ second level ”, National computer grade examination of the Ministry of education (National Computer Rank Examination, abbreviation NCRE), It was approved by the former National Education Commission ( Current Ministry of Education ) approval , Sponsored by the examination center of the Ministry of Education , Facing the society , A national computer proficiency examination system for examining candidates' computer application knowledge and ability .

Use of certificate : The certificate is generally used in China , It is the proof of the holder's computer application ability , It can also be used as a reference for the employing department when recruiting and assessing staff . in addition , Those who have obtained the national computer grade examination level 1 or above ( Including grade I ) Self study examination candidates with qualification certificates , Free self-study examination courses 《 Fundamentals of computer application 》( Course code 0018) and 《 On the basis of computer application 》( Course code 0019)

NCRE There are four levels :  Class A Check the basic knowledge of microcomputer and use office automation software and Internet (Internet) Basic skills .

Examination subjects : Class A MS Office、 Class A WPS Office、 Class A B.

Ability positioning :

Level I certificate indicates that the holder has basic knowledge and preliminary application ability of computer , Master words 、 Office automation software such as spreadsheets and presentations (MS Office、WPS Office) The use of and the Internet (Internet) Basic skills of application , Have the ability to engage in 、 Ability to computerize secretarial and office information in enterprises and institutions .

C standing (CSDN) Competency certification center

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