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Volkswagen maiteng 1.4T monthly car maintenance is 182 yuan less than 2.0T, because maintenance is cheap?

2022-01-27 00:20:29 Luca car

Many young people who start a family and career worry that compact cars don't have enough space , Therefore, they will focus on the field of medium-sized vehicles . Volkswagen maiteng is one of the benchmark models in the field of medium-sized vehicles , Fashion design 、 Abundant space performance and other characteristics are in line with the pain points of this kind of young people when buying cars . And Volkswagen maiteng also carries 1.4T and 2.0T Two power systems , Let consumers have more choices . Before we analyzed maiteng 2.0T The car maintenance cost of the model has been analyzed , that , Let's take a look at it today , On the cost of maintaining the car ,1.4T Model comparison 2.0T How much cheaper is low work ?

Insurance expenses

We choose 1.4T The guide price in the model is 20.99 Ten thousand yuan “2020 paragraph 280TSI DSG Leading ” As a reference model , This car is more comfortable to drive , There is not only the electric adjustment of the main and co pilot 、 These basic practical configurations of constant speed cruise , And seat heating 、 Automatic air conditioning and panoramic skylight , In addition, the car is also equipped with an on-board air purifier , Ensure good driving comfort . therefore , stay 1.4T In the model , This leading model has attracted more attention from consumers .

According to the results of the survey of insurance costs , Volkswagen maiteng's commercial insurance includes 100 Ten thousand three responsibilities 、 Vehicle damage insurance and special insurance without deductible are the three main types of insurance , that 1.4T The cost is about 5,248 yuan , Plus every year 420 Yuan of vehicle and vessel tax and 950 Yuan of compulsory insurance , That purchase “2020 paragraph 280TSI DSG Leading ” The cost of insurance in the first year of the next year is about 6618 element .

We calculate on a three-year cycle , In the case of no vehicle accident and no claim settlement within these three years , The insurance company will have a second year 8 fold 、 The third year 7 Discount , So actually 1.4T The insurance premium for the three-year model should be 15618 yuan , The average annual auto insurance costs about 5206 element . And what we calculated earlier 2.0T The annual cost of low work on insurance is 5452 element , Than 1.4T Spend more every year 246 element , Of course , This is also related to 2.0T Low work is related to higher car purchase price .

Maintenance costs

According to the maintenance suggestions given by Volkswagen officials , Maiteng's first guarantee is 5000 Km or 6 Months ( Whichever comes first ) When an , Including free replacement of oil filter , The subsequent maintenance interval is 10000 Km or 1 Maintain once a year .

1.4T The engine needs to use 5W-30 All synthetic engine oil , The cost is 370 element , Mechanical filtration 100 Yuan a , Including the man hour fee, it takes a total of 985 element , every other 10000 It will be replaced once every kilometer ; The air filter and spark plug need 20000 Once per kilometer , Plus the man hour fee, it takes a total of 493 element ; The air conditioning filter element only needs to be separated 30000 Km for replacement , Including the man hour fee, it takes 140 element ; stay 60000 Kmh , You also need to change the brake oil , Plus the man hour fee, we need 485 element .

We drive in an ordinary family car for three years 60000 Km is the vehicle cycle , Maiteng's 1.4T The total maintenance cost of the model in three years is about 8251 element , It takes about... A year on average 2750 element . among , The price of minor maintenance for oil filter replacement is 985 element , And we calculated earlier 2.0T The maintenance cost of low work for one year is about 3765 element , Than 1.4T More flowers 1015 Yuan in maintenance . Part of the reason is 1.4T The engine is equipped with a dry double clutch gearbox , It is maintenance free for life , and 2.0T The engine needs every 60000 Replace the transmission oil and the transmission oil filter element once a kilometer , Maintenance costs will naturally be higher .

Fuel cost

In terms of insurance and maintenance costs ,2.0T Low power ratio 1.4T It's more than 2000 yuan , and 2.0T Better power performance , Then the fuel consumption will naturally be higher . According to official data ,1.4T Of NEDC Comprehensive fuel consumption is 5.8L/km, From user feedback and our tests , actually 1.4T The comprehensive fuel consumption is about 7.8L/km. But this car needs to add 95 Number of gasoline , The current price is 7.65 element /L. that 1.4T One year driving 20000 The cost of gas per kilometer is about 11934 element , We calculated 2.0T One year's fuel cost for low work is 12862 yuan , Than 1.4T High 928 element . In the three aspects of vehicle cost we investigated , The lowest price difference is fuel consumption , This explanation , worry 2.0T A friend who has high fuel consumption and is afraid to start , Now you can rest assured to buy , Because its fuel cost is only less than 1.4T many 2.5 Only yuan .


Without considering things like parking fees 、 On the premise of car washing fees and other petty expenses , We will calculate the above insurance premium 、 The maintenance cost and the oil cost are added together , It can be concluded that 1.4T The annual cost of maintaining a car is about 19890 element , Than previously calculated 2.0T Low work costs less every year 2189 Yuan in the car . This is mainly because in maintenance ,2.0T Engine in 60000 The transmission oil needs to be changed at km , Probably need to spend 1554 element , Instead, on the annual oil cost 2.0T Lower work than 1.4T It's not much higher .

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