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2021 computer research topic

2022-01-27 00:18:03 Research on Maomao 475

2021 year 12 Monthly computer level II MS office Analysis of real test questions and answers

subject The real question Answer and analysis As a free download
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It is suggested to do the questions according to the multiple-choice questions 、ppt、word、excel The order , In other words, it is simple before difficult , It is beneficial to improve self-confidence in exams .

In terms of time allocation , It is suggested that the multiple-choice questions should be controlled in 15 Within minutes, , best 10 It'll be done in minutes , Don't waste too much time on multiple-choice questions , Because the multiple-choice question will be, just tick it , No, just Meng , Don't think too much about , A waste of time .

Word Control in 30 Within minutes , best 25 It's done in minutes ,Excel Control in 40 Within minutes , best 35 Minutes ,PPT Control in 25 Within minutes , best 20 Minutes .


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