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Knowledge atlas (VII): knowledge reasoning

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Introduction to knowledge reasoning Knowledge reasoning task classification The so-called reasoning is to obtain new knowledge or conclusions through various methods , These knowledge and conclusions satisfy the semantics . Its specific tasks can be divided into satisfiability (satisfiability)、 classification (classification)、 Instantiation (materialization).

Satisfiability can be embodied in ontology or concept , Ontology satisfiability is to check whether an ontology can be satisfied , That is to check whether the ontology has a model . If the ontology is not satisfied , Indicates that there are inconsistencies . Concept satisfiability is to check the satisfiability of a concept , That is, check whether there is a model , So that the interpretation of the concept is not an empty set . ———————————————— Copyright notice : This paper is about CSDN Blogger 「Pelhans」 The original article of , follow CC 4.0 BY-SA Copyright agreement , For reprint, please attach the original source link and this statement . Link to the original text…

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