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In Linux (CentOS), upgrading glibc leads to Su authentication failure (most complete analysis)

2022-01-26 23:45:46 youzjuer

One 、 Problem description

Because I want to upgrade glibc This library , But this library really can't be upgraded randomly , Otherwise it will cause the system to crash , Many commands, such as cp ls Can't use , The problem I encountered was using su When switching super users , Unable to switch , Display identification fault . But enter your own users and root Users can , But it just doesn't work su Switch .

Two 、 terms of settlement :

1、 If you forget the password , The following methods can be used to change the password :

centos7 Forget to change the login password - dongminglong - Blog Garden The above method is aimed at centos7 have access to

2、 Get into root User action :

I got stuck in this step at the beginning , Thought it was only through su Command to switch , But actually not , There are two ways to switch

(1) Enter the user name in the interface , Direct input root

(2) Click to switch as shown in the figure below

  The above is a key step , Because many operations need to be in root Operate under the user of

3、 Specific operation

(1) The method of quoting two articles , In order ( it is to be noted that centos Probably not installed sudo, So we have to yum install sudo)

centos7 Ordinary users cannot switch to root User processing - Yu Yan - Blog Garden 1.1 Check /etc Under the table of contents passwd Authority [[email protected] /]# ll/etc/passwd-rw-r—r—. 1 root root 1975 5 month 27 06:04/etc/pas

centos Next switch to root Failure _qq_26679095 The blog of -CSDN Blog _centos Switch to rooticon-default.png?t=LA92 

The above two tutorials , When you follow the first tutorial , I didn't install sudo, Therefore, it is not certain that the first tutorial will not succeed , When I finish installing sudo in the future , Then use the tutorial , You can succeed

sudo su

Be careful : At this time to use su Still failed , But use sudo su The successful .

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