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$emit child to parent data in Vue component communication

2022-01-26 23:35:20 huxiaoxiao.

Son father

In the sub assembly adopt $emit(' Custom event name ', Variable 1, Variable 2) Trigger event

Parent component @ Custom event name =' Event name ' Monitoring events

After the event is triggered , adopt $emit To trigger Parent component Bound to the sub component label Custom events

Parameters 1: The event to trigger

Parameters 2: The value to pass

Subcomponent methods this.$emit('sendfather',val1,val2) Trigger custom event

In the parent component <child @wyf="getMsgFromSon"></child>

1. First, there is a data in the sub component

let one  ={
                return {
                    mes:' Data sending parent component ',

2. Write a button on the view layer of the sub component , And add a click method :

<template id="one">
            <h1> I am a subcomponent one</h1>
            <button @click="add()"> Send data to parent component </button>
                    //  The front name here is customized , Send data on behalf of 
                    //  The following is the data to be sent 
                // As long as this event triggers , The data is sent out 

3. Write a method in the parent component , And bind this method where sub components are used on the view layer of the root component :

                //  At this point data It is the data of the sub components sent 
                    // Assign data to your own data center message
                    this.message = data;
<!--  Bind the method with the custom name as the parent component  -->
        <one @getmes="setmes"></one>

Render this data in the root component , When the button is clicked :


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