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Experience of using a car to explore the mountains -- deep affection is less than long-term companionship

2022-01-26 23:32:31 Oriental Information automobile

I am a Tanyue car owner , I started watching cars on May Day , Most of the reasons for choosing to explore Yue are still because of my wife , My wife has a TV 7 Volkswagen Bora in , She thinks Volkswagen cars are more durable , Few problems , And she wants to buy one with more space , A car with a high chassis , So we can only consider SUV 了 . I saw the winged tiger before , Leon coldwell ,CRV etc. ,SUV models . Finally, I prefer this car , So I chose to explore the mountains . Tanyue has now driven more than 10000 kilometers , Overall, I'm quite satisfied with this car . I bought a low-power luxury version , First of all, let's talk about the configuration of my car . To configure : Tanyue is equipped with a panoramic skylight , The feeling of the skylight is just a word “ Big ”, People in the back row , Not only does it improve the head space and reduce the depression in the back row , The main thing is to watch the scenery , When you go out, you can see the beautiful sky . Because of work , Frequent business trips and high-speed running , Exploring the mountains and cruising at a fixed speed play a certain role at this time , At high speed, most of them control the steering wheel, throttle and brake , When cruise control is on , The car will drive at the same speed as you set , Then you don't have to control the accelerator pedal , High speed braking is also rarely controlled , So it can be said that it is equivalent to releasing both feet , What brings me is that I can drive my car more safely and easily . My wife is a yellow driver , Like follow-up cars , Once, she drove a car to follow me , Then the car suddenly called the police , And with a little braking , My wife thought there was something wrong with the car , Just call the store , Technicians say this is normal , It is a function called urban emergency braking , Because my wife is close to the car , The car thinks it's going to hit , At this time, the system will alarm and brake , Prevent traffic accidents , This function can only be said to be a preventive effect , It doesn't work for me , It can only be said that it is better than nothing . Tanyue also has some other useful functions , For example, one click start , Keyless entry , Multi-function steering wheel , Three zone air conditioner , Electronic gear lever , Electric seats, etc , There are all these mountains , I won't elaborate on these functions . What I am most satisfied with is the utilization of space , Rear seat backrest angle and front and back adjustment can be done. , This way of adjustment can be adjusted according to different situations .

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