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Strictly control travel until March next year? The three places in Zhejiang have provoked controversy, and the situation of the National Spring Festival transportation is still unclear

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There is only one flight from Hangzhou to Beijing 、 All flights from Ningbo to Beijing were cancelled . Several experts suggested , Epidemic prevention requires precision , Do not affect people's normal life due to long-term restrictions

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The epidemic situation in Zhejiang has been fermenting for many days , Zhejiang Province No 87 The press conference of the epidemic requires , Hangzhou 、 shaoxing 、 Ningbo will strictly control travel until next year 3 month 15 Japan .

Official statistics ,12 month 13 Japan 0-24 when , New confirmed cases in Zhejiang Province 45 example , Including Hangzhou 2 example 、 Ningbo City 4 example 、 Shaoxing City 38 example 、 Import from abroad 1 example . since 12 month 5 The day begins , ningbo 、 shaoxing 、 The total number of confirmed cases reported in Hangzhou is more than 200 example .

Professor, School of biomedicine, Li Ka Shing School of medicine, University of Hong Kong 、 Virology expert Jin Dongyan to a guest (ID:carcaijing) Analysts say , There are many cases in this round of epidemic in Zhejiang , Mainly because it was discovered late , Super communication took two weeks to react .“ Or the sensitivity of the reagent is not enough , Or the detection frequency is not enough , As a result, some confirmed cases were omitted . After the super spread, go to the difficult resumption , My heart is even more bottomless .”

In order to prevent and control the epidemic , Zhejiang put forward , Hangzhou 、 shaoxing 、 Personnel in high-risk areas in Ningbo are strictly restricted from leaving the province by railway , Personnel from other regions of the three places shall hold the certificate of 48 Within hours, the nucleic acid test was negative , Travel will be strictly controlled until next year 3 month 15 Japan .

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This time frame has aroused widespread concern .“ Limit to 3 month 15 Japan , It's a little too long , And such restrictions are likely to be followed by other regions .” Virology expert Chang Rongshan said to a visitor (ID:carcaijing) Express ,“ I think it's almost a month , The risk should be very low around New Year's Day . Like Shanghai, it will not limit such a long time every time , We still have to live a normal life .”

Regarding this ,12 month 14 Early morning , Zhejiang issued a supplementary explanation on this policy : When the above areas reduce the risk level , The travel policy will be adjusted dynamically .

Strictly control travel until March next year ?

12 month 5 solstice 14 Japan 0 when , Zhejiang has found 217 Of the confirmed cases , For last year 2 The period with the largest number of confirmed cases since January .

Sun liming, deputy director of Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission, pointed out at the press conference that , By 12 month 13 Japan 16 when , existing 5.2 Ten thousand people were concentrated in isolation ,54 10000 people are included in isolation control .

Jin Dongyan observed , There are funerals where the epidemic spread in Zhejiang 、 Moxibustion hall, etc ,“ In the final analysis, the mentality of the common people has returned to normal 、 I think it's okay , Fatigue and lax attitude towards epidemic prevention . meanwhile , External defense input is not strictly guarded , When people come to these airtight places with poor ventilation , It's easy to have super spread .”

In order to limit external communication ,12 month 13 Japan , Hu Jialin, deputy director of the Department of transportation of Zhejiang Province, was in the No 87 The epidemic situation was put forward at the press conference , In terms of railways , Shaoxing east railway station 、 Shangyu railway station implements the control measures of only entering but not leaving . High risk area Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou 、 Zhenhai District, Ningbo 、 Personnel in Shangyu District of Shaoxing are strictly restricted from leaving the province by railway , Personnel from other regions of the three places shall hold the certificate of 48 Within hours, the nucleic acid test was negative . The implementation time of travel requirements in the above medium and high risk epidemic related areas will continue until 2022 year 3 month 15 Japan .

Airport passenger transport , The number of flights to Beijing shall be strictly controlled . Hangzhou to Beijing flight , Only one shift per day ; All flights from Ningbo to Beijing have been cancelled .

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The flight steward provides one passenger (ID:carcaijing) Data show that , By 12 month 14 Japan 10 when 50 branch , The major airports in Zhejiang Province have cancelled flights to varying degrees . Among them, Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport plans inbound and outbound flights 452 Sorties , Cancel 247 Sorties , Cancellation rate 54.65%; Ningbo Lishe airport plans inbound and outbound flights 103 Sorties , Cancel 35 Sorties , Cancellation rate 33.98%; Wenzhou Longwan airport plans inbound and outbound flights 195 Sorties , Cancel 39 Sorties , Cancellation rate 20.00%.

“ The restrictions will continue until next year 3 month , It will definitely affect the Spring Festival Transportation . For fear of further leakage of the virus , Just leave everyone in Zhejiang , It's actually overreacting . such ‘ Would rather kill a thousand by mistake 、 Don't miss one ’ The strategy of , The effect must be decreasing , Just now, seeking stability is the biggest demand .” Golden winter geese travel a guest (ID:carcaijing) Express ,“ Zhejiang local government wants people not to go home , Stay here for the new year , But the whole country should still be able to go home for the new year , Zhejiang may have to sacrifice .”

Jin Dongyan suggested , Epidemic prevention requires precision , For high-risk places , If the building where the case is found , Not the whole community .“ generally , The key is to find the proportion 15% Super communicators , So you can lock a place 、 So as to find the communication chain . As for the rest 85% Infected people , Even if you find it, it won't work , Because he can only infect one more 、 Two people , This is the characteristic of COVID-19. . therefore , It's important to keep an eye on people with high viral loads , People with low load can observe closely .”

Can you still go home for the new year

After last year “ Celebrate the new year on the spot ” After the initiative , This year, some cities have also issued similar initiatives . such as 12 month 8 Japan , The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission issued a proposal ,2022 During the new year's day and the Spring Festival in, you don't have to leave Shanghai .

“ New year's day and Spring Festival are coming soon , Many places encourage not to go home 、 Celebrate the new year on the spot , I don't think it makes any sense . Life should return to normal , The current epidemic is no stronger than last year , The epidemic situation in China is relatively stable , Although Zhejiang found 217 Cases , But compared with Dalian 、 Mohe County 、 Manzhouli and other places are still weak , The risks are mainly concentrated in the north and ports .“ Changrongshan is a tourist (ID:carcaijing) Express .

Chang Rongshan analyzed that , Manzhouli's risk is mainly external defense input , Zhenhai side is a point of penetration , Then it spread , There is another delay in the middle 13 God , That's what caused this . It's different from the situation in Manchuria , It is completely preventable and controllable .

“ The epidemic situation in China has been relatively stable , Occasionally, there were cases, which were quickly controlled , If there are omissions, you should reflect on what went wrong , You can't just restrict people's travel all day , If only travel will be restricted , It's been almost two years and it's still limited , Then epidemic prevention and control is meaningless .” Chang Rongshan said frankly .

More than one person accepts a trip (ID:carcaijing) Hangzhou citizens interviewed said , At present, we haven't received the notice that the company or the street can't go home for the new year .

Member of the high-level expert group of the National Health Commission 、 Zeng Guang, chief epidemiologist of the China Center for Disease Control and prevention, said publicly recently that :“ I think the vast majority , It's time to go home 、 You can go home .”

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Zeng Guang pointed out that , Returning home during the Spring Festival is a general question , It needs to be considered comprehensively . Whether we can go home smoothly at that time depends on many factors , For example, whether it is green code ; The risk level of the city where you are located . in addition , If there's nothing urgent at home, it's best to celebrate the new year on the spot .

In Chang Rongshan's view , The focus of epidemic prevention is vaccination .“ I Believe , The problem in Zhejiang is that the vaccination rate is not high , The vaccination rate of the elderly is lower , There is also the old man does not pay attention to prevention .” Chang Rongshan suggested , If the old man hasn't been vaccinated yet, he should be vaccinated as soon as possible , Those who have been vaccinated with two injections should be given booster injections , Pay attention to personal protection after strengthening Injection .

On the eve of the Spring Festival transportation last year , Many places in China send “ Celebrate the new year on the spot ” Initiative , Civil aviation suffers in the traditional peak season “ The lightest Spring Festival travel in history ”.2021 First quarter of 2009 , The net profit loss of domestic listed airlines exceeded 175 One hundred million yuan , The accumulated losses of the whole industry exceeded 300 One hundred million yuan , It's equivalent to losing 300 million yuan a day .

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