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Introduction to the differences between VC + +, C + +, C and TC

2022-01-26 23:19:16 Koki


VC++ It means that Microsoft will VisualStudio 6 In the development suite Visuall C++ development environment .

Visual Studio 6 set It contains Visual C++、Visual Basic、Visual FoxPro And other languages . The so-called development environment , It integrates the source generation Code editing 、 compile 、 Connect 、 A comprehensive program for debugging and other functions . Visual C++ It's a good one C perhaps C++ development environment . Commonly referred to as VC perhaps VC++. The development environment provides excellent Code editing function , At the same time, it provides compiling linker , In this development environment , After entering the source code , It can be compiled and run immediately , And you can refer to the code for debugging .

There is a special compiler for compiling , Again , There are also special programs for connection , stay VC These programs can be found under the installation directory of , and When compiling the connection through the development environment , The development environment quietly calls these programs in the background . From the picture 1-5 You can find the hidden of these programs in Body place . among ,cl.exe It's Microsoft's compiler ,link.exe It's Microsoft's connector , They can all be executed separately .

So ,VC++ It's not a language , It's the development environment . Generally speaking , Now go to software development , All in an integrated development environment In the . Of course , If you like , You can also edit the source code separately , Then compile and connect the program with the command line method .


C++ It's another door, something similar C The object-oriented high-level language of language grammar . although C The language can be used without modification C++ Compiler compilation translate , but C and C++ Are two languages with completely different ideas , Should not C++ as C Superset .


C Is refers to C Language .C There are few keywords in the language , And it has a wealth of operators and data types

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