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Linux address configuration

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VMware in Linux Address configuration

1. Only before configuration IPV6 The address of , We need to configure it manually IPV4 The address of

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2. To configure IPV4 Address steps

(1) The order is as follows :
#:cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/
network-scripts]:vim ifcfg-eth0 // Edit address
Be careful :
(1)IPADDER and GATEWAY The network segments must be the same
(2)GATEWAY It must be the same as that of the computer , Can open network information
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(2) The verification command is as follows :
network-scripts]:service network restart // Restart NIC
network-scripts]:ping // arbitrarily ping A website , If you can ping General rule of success , Otherwise failure
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VMware Virtual machine and Linux Address : link :
Extraction code :di4c
Network disk QR code :
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