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Idea does not have the artifacts option when configuring Tomcat

2022-01-26 22:54:11 Terence Wang

First of all, let's explain IDEA Medium Artifact What is it? ?

Artifacts yes maven A concept in , It means something module How to pack , for example war exploded、war、jar、ear Wait for the package ;

I wonder if this comes with exploded What's the difference? No ?exploded Here you can understand as unfolding , Uncompressed means . That is to say war、jar The directory structure before the output is uncompressed .

This is without exploded Of . Compare with the frame in the figure below , You can see the difference

These two pictures , It is intended to illustrate , belt exploded Difference between and without , One is package compression , The other is not compressed

It is recommended to use this pattern when developing , The effect of the modification of the file immediately appears .

Problem description

Pictured ,Deployment in , Click the plus sign and you can't find Artifacts Options

terms of settlement

First check whether the current project has webapp Folder , If you don't refer to my other blog

idea Create project without webapp Folder solution

If webapp Folder already exists Follow the steps below

 ① Select left Artifacts menu , Click on the plus sign , choice Web Application:Exploded → From Modules


② Select the project name to be added

③ That's it , Click on OK preservation


④ go back to tomcat, Then there is Artifact The choice of



  If it works for you , Remember to give me a favor





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