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redis6. 2.6 data type and configuration file interpretation

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1、key Value key

1.1、key The operation of the value

  • keys * View all of the current library key
  • set key value Set up key Value and value
  • exists key Judge key Whether there is
  • type key see key What type is it
  • del key Delete specified key data
  • unlink key according to value Select non blocking delete
    ------ Only will keys from keyspace Delete from metadata , The real deletion will be done asynchronously later .
  • expire key 10 10 Second : For a given key Set expiration time
  • ttl key See how many seconds are left to expire ,-1 Never expire ,-2 Indicates that it has expired

1.2、 Library selection :

  • select  Command switch database
  • dbsize  Check the... Of the current database key Number
  • flushdb  Empty the current library
  • flushall  Kill all the warehouses

2、string character string

  • One key Corresponding to one value
  • Binary safe , Can contain any data
  • value At most 512m

Parameter setting :

  • set key value Set up key value
  • get key Inquire about key value
  • append key value Will be given value Append to the end of the original value
  • strlen key Get the length of the value
  • setnx key value Only in key When it doesn't exist , Set up key value
  • incr key take key The number of values stored is incremented 1, Operate on numeric values only , If it is empty , The new value added is 1
  • decr key take key Value stores the number minus 1, Operate on numeric values only , If it is empty , The new value added is 1
  • decr key take key Value stores the number minus 1
  • incrby/decrby key < step > take key Increase or decrease the number of values stored, such as step size

Add additional string parameters :

  • mset key value key value.. Set one or more at the same time key-value
  • mget key key... Get one or more at the same time value
  • msetnx key value key value.. Set one or more at the same time key-value. If and only if all given key It doesn't exist
  • getrange key < The starting position > < End position > obtain key The values of the start and end positions of
  • setrange key < The starting position > value take value The value of overwrites the starting position
  • setex key <> value While setting the key value , Set expiration time
  • getset key value Replace the old value with the new value

3、list list

Common commands :

  • lpush/rpush key value value... Insert one or more values from left or right ( Head and tail )
  • lpop/rpop key Spit out one or more values from left or right ( Value at key at , It's not worth it , No keys )
  • rpoplpush key1 key2 from key1 Spit a value on the right side of the list , Insert into key2 Left side
  • lrange key start stop Get elements by index subscript ( From left to right )
  • lrange key 0 -1 Get all values
  • lindex key index Get elements according to index subscript
  • llen key Get list length
  • linsert key before/after value newvalue stay value Insert a new value before
  • lrem key n value Delete from the left n individual value value
  • lset key index value In the list key Subscript in index Change the value value

4、set aggregate

Dictionaries , Hashtable
Automatic weight removal and disordered
Common commands :

  • sadd key value value... Put one or more member Add elements to the collection key in , What already exists member Element ignored
  • smembers key Take all the values of the set
  • sismember key value Judge the set key Whether the modified value is included
  • scard key Returns the number of elements in the collection
  • srem key value value Delete an element in the collection
  • spop key Randomly take an element from the set
  • srandmember key n From this collection n It's worth , Will not be removed from the collection
  • smove < A collection a>< A collection b>value Put a collection a One of the value Move to another collection b
  • sinter key1 key2 Returns the intersection element of two sets
  • sunion key1 key2 Returns the union element of two sets
  • sdiff key1 key2 Returns the difference set element of two sets (key1 yes , we have ,key2 No, )

5、hash Hash

Key value pair set , Especially suitable for storing object types
Common commands :

  • hset key field value to key In the collection filed Key assignment value
  • hget key1 field aggregate field Take out value
  • hmset key1 field1 value1 field2 value2 Batch settings hash Value
  • hexists key1 field Look at the hash table key in , Given domain field Whether there is
  • hkeys key List the hash All of the collection field
  • hvals key List the hash All of the collection value
  • hincrby key field increment Hash table key In the domain field Plus the increment 1 -1
  • hsetnx key field value Hash table key In the domain field Is set to value, If and only if domain field non-existent

6、Zset Ordered set

String collection without duplicate elements , Rank according to relevant scores , Ranking from low to high , Ranking repeatable

Ordered set zset With the common set set Very similar , Is a collection of strings without repeating elements

Common commands :

  • zadd key score1 value1 score2 value2 Put one or more member Elements and score Values are added to the order key in
  • zrange key start stop (withscores) Return to ordered set key, The subscript is start And stop Between the elements , belt withscores, You can return scores and values together to the result set .
  • zrangebyscore key min max(withscores) Return to ordered set key, all score The value is between min and max Between ( Including equal to min or max) Members of . Members of the ordered set press score The values of are arranged in ascending order
  • zrevrangebyscore key max min (withscores) ditto , Change to big to small
  • zincrby key increment value For the elements score Plus the increment
  • zrem key value Delete... Under this collection , The element that specifies the value
  • zcount key min max Count the set , The number of elements in the fraction range
  • zrank key value Returns the rank of the value in the collection , from 0 Start

7、 Configuration file details

#bind -::1 // Annotate local and remote , It can be remotely
protected-mode no // Protection mode changed to no, Remote access
daemonize yes // Background startup is yes
pidfile /var/run/ // The path to save the process number

View and cancel of access password
Take out the comments

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  Or use the command line

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After setting, you can enter it every time redis-cli When entering
Still need to knock auth 123456 To access

Restart after configuration
adopt kil Process restart


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