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2022-01-26 22:06:17 Research on Maomao 475

Choose to take the intermediate soft test , It shows that you have a certain understanding of your major , The content of the intermediate soft test is very simple , As long as you have a certain computer knowledge base , It's easy to get an intermediate title certificate , Now the soft test policy changes year by year , Candidates who want to make an examination should take the opportunity to .

One 、 National computer grade examination (NCRE) Examination content

NCRE Sponsored by the National Education Examination Center , Have ** authoritative , It is also divided into computer level 、 computer second-level 、 Computer level three 、 Computer level 4 , Different levels do not ** It represents the computer level of the examiners , It is also a sign to distinguish between professional and non professional . For example, the computer level mainly focuses on the basic operation , From the beginning of the second level, employees in computer related industries , The third level is the engineer preparation level , Level 4 represents the ability to become a computer engineer . Computer card registration entrance

2021 The National Computer Rank Examination ** Subject setting :

Two 、 Computer grade examination registration entrance

NCRE There are special websites , Sponsored by the examination center of the Ministry of Education , It belongs to China Education Examination Network ( The teacher qualification examination is also under their control ), The whole country will sign up here , The interface is as follows : Computer card registration entrance

When signing up, you need to select provinces, cities and autonomous regions , Although it is the same platform to sign up , But the provincial audit requirements 、 The steps will also be slightly different : Computer card registration entrance

3、 ... and 、 Computer grade examination registration process Computer card registration entrance

Registration mainly includes the following steps , among ** The difficulty is to upload and review the registration photos , The remaining steps are mainly to fill in the information

(1) Register the national computer grade examination pass account number ( For registration 、 Pay 、 Check the score )

(2) Confirm the registration instructions 、 Confirm the enrollment agreement 、 Confirm the instructions for epidemic prevention, etc Computer card registration entrance

(3) Fill in personal identification information , Including ID number 、 occupation 、 Education level, etc Computer card registration entrance

(4) Select a test site , This step of competition is more serious , Because the number of people absorbed by the same examination site is limited , Therefore, I hope students who take the exam nearby can sign up as soon as possible , Don't drag it to ** Sign up in a few days , Maybe we'll have to go far away for the exam . Computer card registration entrance

(5) Select the subject to apply for , You can choose according to your level and personal hobbies . Computer card registration entrance

(6) Upload registration photos , This step is strictly audited , Photos are not easy to upload , The following is devoted to : Computer card registration entrance

Four 、 Computer grade examination registration photos require interpretation

First look at the photo requirements , Many friends made a mistake in asking for photos Computer card registration entrance

Dry goods warning , Authoritative interpretation of computer examination registration photo requirements , Be sure to read carefully : Computer card registration entrance

1、 Required ** The height and width of small pixels are 192×144, In previous years, many friends thought it must be 192×144 Pixels , In fact, it's just ** Small size . This size is strongly not recommended by the registration E-photo assistant , Because it's too small , It's not easy to overrule . It is recommended to use the standard 2 Inch certificate photo electronic version , That is to say 413×626 Pixels .

2、 In previous years, some students reversed the height and width of the photos , Computer grade examination photos are vertical photos , The width is less than the height .

3、 The photo background shall be light background , White or light blue is recommended , Don't use red .

4、 The extension of the photo file must be .jpg, Don't allow .jpeg. Don't underestimate this rule , At present, many mobile phones store photos in .jpeg, Such as apple 、 Huawei 、OPPO Wait for the new mobile phone , So what many people don't know is that most mobile phones can't sign up for the computer grade examination ! At this time, it is recommended that you use the computer to upload the registration photos , If the prompt when uploading the computer is not JPG Format , You need to rename and modify the extension ( Methods search by yourself ). Computer card registration entrance

5、** Small imaging area requirements look particularly complex , In fact, there is no need to tangle , The actual audit is not based on this , The following small editor will introduce the photo making method , Just cut according to the standard template provided by the registration E-photo assistant , To ensure compliance with the requirements of the imaging area . Computer card registration entrance

6、 Computer grade examination photos have an automatic detection system , Photos with glasses have a low pass rate , It is recommended not to wear glasses .

5、 ... and 、 Computer grade examination registration photo making method

1、 Please save your photos into your mobile photo album in advance , If you don't have a certificate, take an electronic version , You can take a picture as shown in the figure below

2、 Use your phone and find 【 Sign up for the photo assistant 】 Computer card registration entrance

3、 From the menu “ Change your ID and photo ” function

C standing (CSDN) Competency certification center

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