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Tap the potential of artificial intelligence research and young talents, and strive to realize the new miracle of scientific research

2022-01-26 21:53:24 slivegogo

   Shanghai autonomous intelligent unmanned system science center, Tongji University ( hereinafter referred to as Science Center ”) Is developing , Tap the potential of artificial intelligence research and young talents , Committed to realizing the new miracle of scientific research .
   China's research papers published in the field of artificial intelligence account for the first in the world , from “ Intelligent manufacturing ” To “ Digital City ”, Various innovations are promoting the continuous development of domestic digital economy , The growth rate is among the highest in the world . The growth of the science center in the past three years is also remarkable . The science center not only contributes to the original theory of artificial intelligence , It also focuses on the key core technologies of artificial intelligence , Promote the application of digital technology in cities and other related fields .
   Shanghai autonomous intelligent unmanned system science center source Tongji University
  “ Artificial intelligence is to gather people's wisdom , Serve people better .”2018 Chen Jie, President of Tongji University, who became the chief scientist of the science center in, said .
   Tongji University and Springer · since But in 2021 Jointly launched open source journals Autonomous Intelligent Systems, As the editor in chief of the inaugural issue , Chen Jie stressed that the founding goal of the science center is Promote and disseminate relevant information about autonomous intelligent unmanned systems led Scientific discovery of domain 、 knowledge Technology and Application ”.
   These unmanned systems are designed to continuously integrate the latest technologies , Make uncertainty controllable , The scope of innovative research includes UAVs (UAV) Unmanned vehicle 、 Robots, etc . Chen Jie said , The innovation of the science center can also be applied to COVID-19's management and control. , Digital infrastructure accelerates health and urban transformation , And port and transportation automation , So as to shape the global logistics pattern .
   deeper 、 further 、 faster
   If there is a public health emergency , For example, the new crown epidemic , Then you need to quickly obtain travel history records at checkpoints 、 Time spent in the risk area and relationship with potential virus carriers , But manual inspection may cause long queues , Especially in areas with poor ventilation .
   Intelligent identification system for epidemic prevention and control developed by the Science Center (Tongji NCP-AIS) Be able to make efficient and independent decisions based on multi-source big data ,2020 It was quickly put into use at the gate of the University at the beginning of the year , Promote epidemic tracking in schools and communities . In addition, there are intelligent unmanned systems : face recognition 、 Speech and semantic analysis and scene recognition , These are one of the many functions of the self-developed robot to undertake the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control in the whole school .
  “ Tongji University NCP-AIS And these unmanned equipment reduce the workload of our administrative personnel and improve security , We expect that the scope of application is expected to expand to factories and residential areas in the future , Reduce the risk of transmission with minimal human intervention .” He said .

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