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Install Linux pagoda panel and create site

2022-01-26 21:51:45 Bo childe

Use SSH Connection tool ( See how to use ), After mounting the disk ( see ), Start the installation according to the command in the system execution box ( about 2 Minutes to complete the panel installation )

Centos7 Installation command :

yum install -y wget && wget -O && sh

The confirmation input appears y that will do .

After completing the installation, the following interface will appear , There will be external network panel address and internal network panel address , Copy the intranet panel address to Linux The login page of the pagoda panel , Copy user name , password

  After logging in, you will go to the following interface , Because there is no account at present , So we need to register the account first .

After registration, we need to log in to the account password we just registered

  After successful login, we return to the following interface .

  Then click the software store on the left , Select one click deployment , Pick one at random , According to your own needs .

  After selection, click the one click deployment on the far right , Will pop up to let you enter the domain name , Enter your own virtual machine here IP Address , Then wait for the download to complete .

After that, you can go to the website on the left navigation bar to check your subordinates , You can find the site you just created

  You can open a web page and enter the domain name just now , That is, the website name , If it can be accessed, it indicates that the creation is successful .


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