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Secondary registration code of computer research and counseling

2022-01-26 21:49:34 Research on Maomao 475

Registration process of national computer level II Examination

For the first time, candidates who take part in the national computer level II examination have a deep understanding of the online registration process , Some links in the national computer examination process are not clear , Xiao Bian will sort out the process and detailed description of the national computer level II examination today , Provide online registration process diagram , Solve your questions in the registration process of national computer level II Examination .( If there is any discrepancy , Please refer to the official information )


( One ) Sign up and login

1) Candidates need to register a login pass to log in to the system for the first time , If the candidate has a pass account number , Can log in directly .

2) Candidates can also log in with other accounts , For example, using “QQ account number ” Sign in . Click on the icon , You can follow the prompts , To realize the login .

1. Sign in

Candidates Click “ User registration ” Button , According to the webpage tips , Enter the corresponding registration information , To complete the registration .

If the user needs to change the password of the pass , Follow these steps :

1) Open it in a browser

2) Log in with the user's own account and password , After successful login, you can see the graphical interface .

3) Click the change password button , Just follow the prompts to change the password .

2. Login system

1) Enter the account number correctly in the login box 、 password 、 Verification Code , Login system . Or click “QQ Sign in ” Button , Use the candidate's QQ Login directly with your account .

2) After successful login for the first time, enter the personal registration welcome interface of the system .

3. Welcome to the interface

1) On the left is the navigation menu bar , Display the system function menu . Click on “<

2) The right side is the main operation window bar , Multiple operation windows can be opened , Switch or close... Through the label on the upper side of the window .

3) Just logged into the system , The main window displays some basic information about the currently logged in user and the current exam , It is convenient for candidates to quickly understand the current examination information . The upper bar displays the current login user information 、 The name of this exam 、 Exit system button .

( Two ) Sign up for the exam

1. Read the registration agreement

Click on the left navigation bar “ The current test times ” The menu is ready to read 《 Registration Agreement 》, Check “ Agree to the registration agreement ” Check box , Click on “ agree! ” Button , You can proceed to the next step ; If you click “ Disagree ” Button , Registration can be suspended .

2. Fill in the basic information

Fill in the relevant information , With red “*” No ' Information is required .

3. Apply for the subject

The examinee first chooses the examination place (),“ double-click ” After choosing the test site , The system will load all the subjects of the test site .

After selecting the test site to apply for , Check the subject you want to apply for . Candidates should apply for at least one subject , You can also apply for multiple subjects , After selecting the subject , The registered subjects will be displayed below the subject list .

After the examinee confirms that the basic information and the subjects are correct , Check “ I guarantee that the above information is true and accurate ”, Click on “ Submit registration information ” Button , Go to the next step .

4. Upload photos

Candidates Click “ Submit registration information ” After button , The system will pop up a reminder box to upload photos , Click on “ determine ” after , Click the Upload Photo button . Candidates must upload photos , Otherwise, the registration is invalid .

Photo specifications :

The photo should be the candidate's recent bareheaded color certificate photo .

Imaging requirements : The upper part of the imaging area is empty 1/10, Head occupied 7/10, Shoulder area 1/5, Left and right are empty 1/10. The minimum size of the captured image is 192*144( high * wide ), colour , The size of the imaging area is 48mm*33mm( high * wide ).

File format requirements : Requires storage as jpg Format , The image file name is *.jpg.

File size requirements :20KB-200KB.

Candidates should upload their own clear 、 The photo in front of you , Not allowed to upload side or upside down photos .

Candidates click the upload photo control , Choose a photo that meets the requirements , Click on “ Upload photos ” Button , Preview uploaded photos . To modify a photo , You can click the upload photo control , Choose another photo , Click on “ Modify the photo ” Button .

If the candidate finds incorrect information , Clickable “ Modify the registration information ” Button , Modify basic information or registered subjects . Candidates can click “ Modify the photo ” Button to modify the photo .

5. On site confirmation 、 Pay

If the candidates need to confirm the operation of the test site , Please read the information carefully , Go to the test center to confirm the registration within the time specified in the examinee's notice .

Here we are , Candidates have completed all the registration process .

C standing (CSDN) Competency certification center


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