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2022-01-26 21:49:29 Research on Maomao 475

There are still a lot of notebook computers for study and office at present , Choosing a laptop is mainly about its portability , At present, the choice mainly depends on the computer configuration and performance. Some small partners encounter the problem of difficult choice when choosing , Either the budget is over, or I can't understand the computer configuration , Today, the computer assembly network will share with you several budgets in 5000 About cost-effective notebook computers , It is mainly used for office and study. If you are also considering the choice, you can focus on it .

Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro14 High performance and light weight


This Lenovo laptop is believed to be an old brand known to many people, and the quality is very good , This Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro14 High performance, light and thin is a cost-effective one , The highlight of this core is the 11th generation processor , Genuine w10 Performance plus high-performance integrated graphics card , Given on the screen 2.2k High resolution full screen , Rhine low Blu ray Certification .

In detail, the processor is i5 11300h He's a quad core 8 The highest thread frequency 4.4 It's more high-end, and its performance is better than that of the previous generation 20%, The high-frequency memory is given in the running memory 4266 A new built-in... Is given on the graphics card XE Architecture graphics card is integrated. Compared with learning office, this one has good performance and fast opening and processing speed .

In size, this one is 14 Inches. It's just right in the bag , The resolution has also reached 2240x1400 What I show you is very high definition , This is also the support of eye protection, Rhine TUV authentication , On standby, this model is also very powerful and supports 42W Very power saving , The keyboard keys give 1.3mm Comprehensive optimization , And this one supports open cover and start-up face recognition Human walking automatic lock screen Smart screen brightness ,AI Intelligent noise reduction Lenovo intelligent voice , link WIFI Come on, too , The shell has moderate hardness , The whole machine is light . The computer runs very satisfactorily , Daily office use , Basically, it's all office file , Enough performance . Two bloody thunderbolts 4 Interface , So those who like this one can pay attention to it. It's still pre-sale .

lenovo YOGA 13s Ultra light and thin business office book


Compared with the previous one, this one is smaller and more exquisite. It is also a new style. It is 13.3 Inch , The computer configuration is also memory 16G The hard disk is solid state 512G On the processor is the mobile processor Raptor 5000 He has better performance in threading and office learning processing . He's six core, twelve thread ,

This one is more powerful in resolution, reaching 2560X1600 Higher definition , This one is also very good in sound quality. It supports Dolby sound , He experiences better two-stage rebound optimization , Four gear backlit keyboard , Support quick start shortcut . This one also supports face recognition when the cover is opened and turned on Human walking automatic lock screen Smart screen brightness ,AI Intelligent noise reduction Lenovo intelligent voice . This standby is also in 10 More than one hour . In short, start up 6 About seconds , With fingerprint unlocking function , Cost effective full-size backlit keyboard , Super nice, rich interfaces , I especially like keypad design , And the super large battery is a light and thin book .

HP (HP) war 66 The four generation Ruilong Edition 15.6 Inch


This is also a big brand HP series notebook computer. This is also the main price performance , If your budget is in 5000 We should also pay attention to the upper and lower models , The processor is the Raptor 5 5600u He's eight core 16 Threads should be said to be very high processors , Running memory is also 16G The solid state is 512G Laptops are usually configured like this, or the processor is a little higher Memory gives 8G In addition, an independent graphics card is added , Generally speaking, if you don't play games, it's office learning centralized display, which is also very enough .

This one is all metal in appearance. It has a very good texture and is very light and thin , This one is 15,6 Inch like the large screen is a good choice, and supports four sides and narrow edges 400 Nit anti glare screen . This model is also better in endurance and can achieve 16 Hours , So it's good to go on business and study . Does the computer run fast or not , The screen is clear , Good heat dissipation performance , High cold silver appearance , It has the function of fingerprint identification , High color gamut , Spill Resistant Keyboard , Master Lu ran more than 760000 points , Mainly come to work , Overall, very good ! You can focus on what you like .

Dell laptops dell Lingyue 5409


This is also a brand Dell series laptop, and its budget is also lower than 5000 If you want to choose a first-line product with good quality in this range, you should also consider it , This one is 14 In. It should be said that office study is just , Computer configuration is also yes 16G Memory 512G Solid state disk , The processor gives i7 1165G7 Four core eight thread Rui frequency has reached 4.7.

The graphics card is also integrated, but gives a sharp Torch X Series can also be selected 350 2G 11th generation processor , The operation speed is guaranteed . Use Intel sharp torch graphics card , The display effect is good , Games, business and office use are enough . Good heat dissipation performance , You won't feel hot when you use it normally . Beautiful appearance , It feels good to use . The screen has high resolution and bright colors , Restore the display effect is good .

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